Hunter S Thompson - still alive

Hey all, we often wait until a great talent is dead to stop and take a moment to appreciate their impact. I want to stop and talk about a great influence in my life and style while he is still here and making trouble. Hunter is still kicking. Y’all know he wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but take some time to read his other work. He isn’t just the guy who gets wasted. He is an amazing writer and top notch social critic. Yeah, he is a crazed drunken monster… but so are you. You just aren’t famous for it. I’d recommend reading ‘Curse of Lono’ as a first stop after ‘Fear and Loathing’. He also writes semi- often for (page 2), and they have published a book of his rantings. Also, strangely, Hunter is doing a personal appearance at a voter rally show at Red Rocks (he lives in Aspen, Colorado) with Government Mule, Greg Allman, and most likely some of the biggest names in rock… not yet announced. Instead of tossing in a million hyperlinks above, I just listed some great resources. As well, here is a great and thorough fan site out of Canada, go figure.

He is in league with Jack Kerouac, Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, William S Burroughs (you are catching a theme here, right?). So read Hunter now! He is still active, about as much as he ever was (a book every 10 years or so). Hunter got married last year, so we can assume he plans to live at least a few more years. Hunter is one of the big reasons I moved to Colorado. I still have the first atlas I bought when we were getting ready to move to Denver from AZ. There is only one cicle on the whole map... Woody Creek.


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