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Fleetwood Mac cheats live

I wrote about this a couple years ago, that music you see on TV is NEVER live.   Artists are just now being called out for lip syncing live shows. Specifically, the band being called out rhymes with KISS. On their epic joke a farewell tour, Kiss has been lip syncing. I call it an epic joke of a tour because its the same band they have traveled with for years, with only half the original members.  Nikki Sixx wrote about it yesterday. You may think of Nikki as one of the wasted idiot behind Motley Crue. Didn’t he fall off the stage once because he was so wasted? Didn’t he died once overdosing, and then write a book about his heroin addiction?  YUP.

He is also the Svengali behind Motley Crue.  He is the brains of the band. It is HIS band.  He formed it, owns the name and trademarks. He wrote all the songs.  And he did while wasted.

I tell you all that to tell you this.  I saw a band play live that used a backing BAND.  This was one of the biggest bands of all time (technically by r…

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