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music on tv – that wasn’t live

That wasn’t live.

I just want you to know that pretty much no music performance you see on television is live.  Not even Saturday Night Live is often live.  Awards shows?  Not live.  Superbowls and such?  Most definitely not live.  Let’s talk about why. I should first say, those singing talent shows are live, and those nice people are singing live.  They have to, by law.  This goes back to an old quiz show scandal in the 50s, where they were caught giving the answers to the contestants behind the scenes to make better tv.  BUT… when someone like Jennifer Lopez or Gwen Stefani go up to do their new single… back to pre-recorded every time.  Can’t they sing?  Aren’t they talented, which got them this far?  Yes.  that is why they do it. Talent is not why music isn’t live on TV.  It is usually for production purposes… so that it sounds perfect.  There are too many variables in a truly live performance that a network doesn’t want to risk.  If you are watching a starlette who dances a LOT a…

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