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Chasing the Dragon live - 2 rock concert experiences that changed my life

There were two important events that happened to a very young Lono that pushed him to spend his life chasing live rock and roll.  The first –
My first concert was the Police.  It was their farewell tour. I vaguely remember that being known or understood at the time. It was peak MTV< and they were the biggest band on Earth.  They were touring on Synchronicity, which could be re-tited ‘Police’s Greatest Hits’.  So, they were big… and I was very young and impressionable.  It must have been about 1982, which would make be about 10.  I knew every song on that album, in my soul. So, that was amazing.  My specific memory which made it amazing was during ‘Every Breath Your Take’ when everyone in the audience lit their lighters.  This is common practice during ballads for all rocks shows.  I didn’t know that, though.  The band didn’t even have to say anything.  They just played the biggest song in America (exciting enough, especially to a 10 year old) but to look around and just feel that mo…

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