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String Cheese Incident - Red Rocks July 2017

I finally saw ‘the Cheese’, and I am a bit late to the game.Being a near life long Deadhead, I have been aware of this band for decades.I have long cited and applauded their PearlJamian battle with Ticketbastard.  For what they did fighting TM, and what they exposed... they are HEROES!  They also got a lot farther than Pearl Jam in their battle.  This is a VERY important story, so I want to tell it real quick.  Back in 2012, the band was selling tickets to shows for $49.95.  A fair market price by all accounts.  They did not want their fans to have to pay an extra $20 per ticket in fees.  So, they took their band's cash and went to the box office and bought up ALL the tickets.  This was back when you could get tickets at a box office for no fees (a practice long gone now).  So, they bought up all the tickets so they could sell them to their fans at exact face value.  Ticketmaster no likey.
With money advanced by the band, each person had enough to buy eight tickets at $49.95 apiece…

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