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Eagles and Jimmy Buffet live in Denver - June 2018

Jimmy Buffett was great.
Somehow, I have never seen either band.  Mostly, I was there to see Jimmy Buffett... and Joe Walsh.   Even though I have seen Joe Walsh before, you can never see him enough. Exactly what you would expect.Ever young even joyful.I have been to enough shows to tell you when someone if phoning in it.Not Buffet.You’d think it was his first concert ever.Dude is 71, and you would NEVER know it watching him.This was my first Buffett show, and I was SO happy I got to see him.He is a good man, and the real deal.He does TONS of charity stuff all over the place.Also, his ‘boats and bikinis and umbrella drinks’ lifestyle is not a sctick.Long before he was successful, he was a sailor, and always has been.He has lived in and around the Florida Keys for about 50 years. Just look at this guy.This guy is as far from a corporate creation as can be

It’s also important to note he wasn’t always successful.He started out as a Nashville country singer, and his first few albums just tank…

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