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An American Tune - 3 looks at a masterpiece

Just a perfect song Three different takes, all performed live.   “Still you don’t expect to be bright and bon vivant so far away from home.” None of these are the studio version. To me, no long truly lives until it is performed live.   Often, after hundreds of times.   Look at the Dead’s take on Stagger Lee.   Studio cut from 1980 is a sleeper, to put it lightly.   It took a while, but by very late 80s, that song became a barn burner. I think one of the things I love about this Paul Simon tune is its intimacy.   All versions feel like they are being whispered in my ear.   Who did it best?   Tough to say, but I am not sure it’s Paul Simon.   Note, this song was originally just a Paul Simon tune (not Simon and Garfunkel).   Simon and Garfunkel were broken up before any of us were even born.   Like the Beatles, they were broken up in 1970.   Know who else broke up in 1970?   Crosby, Still, and Nash. Odds are Rolling Stones began breaking up around then, too. the song below is fro

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