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Barenaked Ladies & Steven Page... what are you waiting for?

15 years ago, I wrote a piece here called ‘Never Say Never’.  The premise was all bands will get back together.  Barring death, of course. Back then, in 2004, I looked at the great white whales of broken bands:  Guns & Roses, and Pink Floyd.  It’s tough to say which guess was crazier.  Pink Floyd spent decades in court. Specifically, David Gilmour fought Roger Waters for the rights to the name.  This was an ugly and long battle. Still, I knew they would come back together. They did, since then, a whole bunch.

Then, I told you G&R would get back together.  Even though Slash & Velvet Revolver were a bi success (#1 album at the time I wrote that piece, in fact)... we all knew Slash & Axl could never be half as good apart as they were together.  Now, it’s been many years they have been back together. Very sad side note: they have been playing the same setlist since day 1 of reunion. Will they ever change the setlist? “Not in this lifetime!”. See what I did there?

Ok, who …

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