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why they keep re-mastering albums - it ain't what you think

Why they really remaster albums
What if I told you that the reason every album is being remastered is NOT a cash grab?  I used to fall for it, and I was a ‘collect ‘em all’ guy.Until I realized I have never heard the difference in a remastered album.  So, why do it?To sell the catalogue, to make fresh money off an old catalogue.
Well, the money doesn’t hurt.  There are bigger reasons, though.  Two of them, to be specific:to protect the original acetate tapes, and to ‘re-copyright®’ the material.
First - to protect the acetate.  albums/records/cassettes were recorded onto tape until the early 90s.  That tape (think of the spool of plastic that held the music on a cassette tape’ is fragile, and it is quickly degrading. It is oxidizing.  I am not going to explain the technology, or even pretend I get it.It is breaking down, though.In 100 years, those original reels won’t be playable.  To move them to digital protects them for another generation. It also gives us much more control over the m…

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