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Guns & Roses - live in Denver, CO Aug 2017

I’ll try not to make this too long. Odds are, that won't happen. Come on it, have a seat. Let's chat a bit. I have literally been waiting 30 years to see this band. No exaggeration. I was listening to Guns since before Appetite. That’s right, crackers. I don’t get the credit, Tim Ashton does. He had their live EP cassette ‘live like a f***ng suicide’ By the time Appetite came around, we were on board. I think Appetite is one of the most perfect records ever made. In fact, I can not argue against it being the best. It would be a tie with Dylan’s ‘Blood on the Tracks’. See, Dylan’s lp has stronger content… but Dylans’ LP also has a lot of filler. Appetite has no filler.

Never got to see them live, for two reasons.

Ø on the Appetite and subsequent tours, Axl canceled most or all of every Arizona show. By the time they finally did show up for a gig, at PIR on 'use your illusion', I was too annoyed to even try getting a seat. Plus, I don't think that album is good at …

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