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Chris Cornell - a look back at some writing

Found out today the great and wonderful Chris Cornell passed away this morning

Holy Fuck, Chris Cornell can really really sing.

I like Chris Cornell.  I like Soundgarden.  I wouldn't say I love either, but I definitely dig both.  Have seen Audioslave live, as well as Soundgarden, but will get to that below.  So I don't have to type out 'Soundgarden' a thousand times here, let's call them 'SG' for the purpose of our discussion.  Chris Cornell, we'll call 'CC'.  I just saved us both half an hour there.

First time I saw SG was at Lollapalooza, forever ago (editors note, 1992).  Let me tell you how long ago that was.  Pearl Jam was just breaking.  Pearl Jam was given the 2 pm slot on a show that went to midnight.  That tells you how little they were at the time.  SG had about an 8 pm time slot.  This was back when CC more or less screamed everything.  Everything.  If you know CC as a singer of any kind, go back to early SG releases.  All dude did was s…

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