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Woodstock 99 doc: Peace, Love, Rage, and sweeping generalizations

  Let’s talk about the Woodstock 99 doc.  Specifically, let’s talk about two things:  the boobs, and the underlying and odd accusation of 'rape culture toxic male masculinity’.  First off, the boobs.  Oh, the boobs.  The documentary was rife with boobs.  And?  My favorite kind:  regular girl boobies.  That made me happy.  Then, it disgusted me.  The doc shows the boobs as to exemplify how sexual, and sexualized, the attendees (and consequently the entire era if follow their thinking) had become.   YET - there is no way they got clearance from all those gals to show all those titties.  The doc is very proud of itself and how enlightened it is… by showing tons of amateur titties.  If the mission statement of the doc was ‘sorry, women of 1999.  We were pigs.  But we are better now.  Btw, can we show all your titties from our stock and found footage to make our point?’  I can only assume there are children of those super hot gals who are the age now those girls were then.  “Mom,

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