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I need a cult? No, you need a cult!

  This is a cross post from my other side , where I do most of my writing.  But then I realized… what goes better together than music and cults?  Peanut butter and jelly?   America, we have a situation.  We are at a turning point, and it looks like this.  I need a cult, and you need a cult leader.  Like every proper cult, please allow me to convince you why – with spurious facts and promises I’ll never deliver on. Why do I need a cult?  Because in sixth grade I overheard a school counselor tell the principal he had a messiah complex.  I was sitting with the Dalai Lama on the beach in Barthelona sharing tapas and Trump came on the TV at the bar.  I says to the Lama “Man, is that a messiah complex, or what?”.  He says to me “Gunga.  Gunga Galunga ”.  It was then I knew I was chosen. Why do you need a cult (leader)?  Jesus, just look at yourself!  You really going to go out looking like that?   Is this all you have done with your life?  What if I can promise you eternal life, eternal salv

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