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some Bob Marley thoughts

   First... a very brief but super important explanation of Rastafarianism.  I bet you didn't know this, and it will blow your mind.  A Rastafarian is a religion who believes that Jesus Christ came back to Earth to live as a mortal... in our times.  Haile Selassie was the king of Ethiopia for about 35 years about 100 years ago.  (ed note:  1930-1974).  Rastas believe he was the black jesus returned to save us.  They believe the saw the stigmata on his hands themselves.  Bob's wife claims she saw his bloodied christ-like hand wounds in person with her own two eyes.  They believe his biblical name is Ras Tafari.  The most interesting thing about this is Rastafarianism is WAY bigger in Jamaica than it is in Ethiopia.  I got to talking to an Ethiopian driver in Eastern Europe over several hours.  I asked him about it, and I was very apologetic up front.  I said stuff like "this isn't my business, and I hope its not offensive... but do you believe in story of Hailie Sellasi

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