Oasis in concert - a review

This is a little late, especially for a concert review.  It's about ten years late... maybe 15... lemme check.  It was a really great show, but we'll get to that.

Mostly, the only time I talk about Oasis is to mock what a horrible and loathsome human being Liam Ghallagher is.  He, of course, is the lead singer.  Never wrote a song, never played an instrument, never even cracked a lyic.  Nope, Liam is simply famous for being a monster a-hole to his brother... the one who made Liam an incredibly successful and rich rock star.

what that being said, and my hatred of him on the table, he is a great rock star.  I saw them back in 2001, on the 'Brotherly Love' tour with Black Crowes and Spacehog.  Spacehog went away**, but they did have this pretty great song.  So, I am guessing that band has members who are brothers.  I don't know, don't care.  The name of the tour is just fantastic.  Seriously, it's my favorite gig name EVER.  See, the bands don't just have members who are brothers... they have brothers who fucking hate each other.

Black Crowes headlined.  I know this hipster blasphemy, but they do nothing for me.  I am not a big Oasis fan, either.  In fact, it is the same with both bands.  I know the hits.  I very much enjoy the hits.  I have a CD or two of said bands at home.  I am neither for, nor against, either band. I think I went because the wifey loves Black Crowes.

Oasis came out as the opener, and just KILLED it.  They were amazing, for many reason.  First off, they are somewhat famous for infighting.  It is also said they have contempt even for their audience... the ones who make them rich and famous.  I bet this is super common, but the Ghallagher boys will say it out loud.  Thing is, it's ok. Did I spell that right?  How many damn silent 'h's do they have?  I could look it up, but that would be cheating.  It's not pertinent to my narrative.  They are being honest, which is rare.  They also make very good music.  Maybe even great music, I don't know.  I have never mindfully put an Oasis CD on.

The show is sold out, at a local 'shed'.  Your city has one, every city does.  Look at this seating chart.  It's outdoors, with half of the seats being lawn.

As Oasis' set grew near, the audience began chanting 'Oh... Ay.... Sis'.  It was awesome.  16,000 people screaming for them.  They will love us.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha.  Nope.  They hit the stage and Liam criticized us!  First words out of his mouth were not 'Hello Denver'.  No, he came out and chastized us for not chanting Oasis correctly.  He didn't like the syllable emphasis, and made us re- do it.  Normally, I would think 'who the fuck is this asshole'.  it being Oasis, though, I was thrilled.  I saw it wasn't hype at all.  They really were great, and the singer really was an insufferable prick.

Here is the setlist.  To be honest, I didn't know the first 9 songs of the setlist.  Not then, not now.  Those last three songs, though, were SO good that it is all I remember from the show 15 years later.  Also, during the set, they started fighting.  It wasn't theater, either.  It was off mic, and Liam was pissed about something.  I can't imagine what, though.  He must have been pissed that his brother wrote all these great songs and then handed them to him on a silver platter so he could be a rich rock star.

Normally, I would not cotton to a rock star being a huge asshole.  I pay a lot of money, so you better at least act like you love me.  With Oasis, though, it was different.  I would have been disappointed if they were not dicks.  Van Morrison was similar.  I saw him years ago at Red Rocks (my review here).  Leading up to the show, the great Denver rock critic G Brown astutely said "Of the 5 best concerts I have ever seen, Van is up there.  However, he is also in the worst 5 shows".  See, Van Morrison is wickedly talented.  He is also a colossal asshole.  It's ok, he gets to be.  So, a couple songs into his set he looked back at the drummer and said something like "pick it up a bit, at like you care."  How unprofessional, right?  NO!  I expect Van Morrison to be a dick, and since he tours never... I want the full experience.

 Oasis broke up about 10 years ago, and say they will never get back together.  Who cares?  In closing, here is Noel's first big single after the band broke up.  I dig it.

** correction, it appears they are still together.  Here is a pretty great live clip from 2013 playing their hit.


Anonymous said…
Liam Gallagher wrote multiple oasis songs, including "Songbird" and "I'm Outta Time". Both songs are tunes.

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