The Aerosmith/ Lenny Kravitz tour

So I saw the commerical last night, and a full page ad today. Aerosmith and Lenny Kravitz together. I am not sure who I dislike the most. Hmmm... it is a tie. While both were really great and important musical influences on me, they both suck to a degree heretofor un-measurable.

It isn't just the fact that either one will do a commerical for anything... but I do have a big problem with that. Nor is it that they haven't made decent music in decades. If you combine these things, you may have something. As I wrote here, Aerosmith has relegated themselves to making power ballads for a living. They are still a Tawny Kitaen away from making a decent video.

I don't just hate these bands for sucking. Plenty of bands suck, like yours. I hate them for once having been so great... and then just giving up. At least Aerosmith has 30 years under their belt. Technically, they can do what they want - and apparently they are. Let's look at Lenny Kravitz: his first two albums are the shit! Mama Said and Let Love Rule are both 5 star rock albums. Dude was doing his own 'retro funk' thing and the music was good. It was soulful, and no one played it on the radio. Sadly, that is often the case with the good music. Somewhere around the cutting of his dreads he surely sold out. Now, it sounds like Lenny is doing bad Lenny Kravitz covers. He has become a caricature of himself. He needs Lisa Bonet back.

Aerosmith used to make amazing music too. You should pick up Aerosmith's greatest hits... the original one from 1980 with the white and red cover. What a testemant to blues rock. Another very impressive thing about Aerosmith is they have every single original member for 30 years. That is absolutely unparralled in rock. U2 is close, because they have the same four and it has been about 20 years. Aerosmith has five dudes. Still though, they suck now and they suck hard. Steven Tyler does more commercials than need be allowed.

I have seen both bands live, and they both put on great shows.

I just checked the ad again, it says this:
same stage - same night

I guess it is good they are both in the same place on the same night, it makes avoiding them easier.


Arizona Monkey Boy said…
"Aero is a Tawny Kittaen away from making a good video." I might steal that line! They were here last night and I had no desire to see them...10-15 years ago it would have been a dream come true. Lenny's first two albums rocked...he played every instrument on those two. Then he got a band together and something was missing...less IS more! He should go back to the studio...alone! As for Aero, well, you hit it on the head...again! Power ballads...blah...blah...blah...(I actually blame Motley Crue for the power ballad phenomena..."Home Sweet Home"...I could be wrong, but I think that's where it all started). Do Lenny or Aero even have a new album out? Or are they just promoting their new commercials?

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