Rock & Roll hall of Fame

Tonight is the induction for the next class of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Someone, accidentally, the Sex Pistols got invited. This was a grave error made by some prankster at the organization. The Pistols are the most taltentless and overrated bands in history. The Pistols are not famous for rock, or punk, or whatever. They are famous for swearing on British talk shows, and a bandmate murdering off his gal and then himself. While these are profoundly rock and roll things to do... one must first be in a band.

Basically, John Lydon is the most unpleasent person in all of music. That is saying a LOT in a field where Scott Stapp, Ike Turner, and Axl Rose play. John Lydon is more than a talentless hack, he is a dick. Guess what, you can't be both. Axl can be a dick because he was one of the greatest front men of all time. Axl can sing. The other way it becomes acceptable to be a horrible horrible person is to die. Lydon has also failed that category.

So, Lydon responded a couple of weeks ago to their invitation. He said something about the Hall being something or other and that he wasn't coming. Thank god, for he does not belong there. Remember how the Pistols smashed everything to prove how punk they were? I want to go to Cleveland (not a sentence I utter easily) and find the Sex Pistols display. I want to destroy it, and send it back to Johnny Rotten to shove up his arse.


Anonymous said…
dude are you fucking retarded you obviously don't know what real music is if you think the pistols don't deserve to be in the hall. For the sake of losing your energy typing i highly suggest you quit typing up album reviews!

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