review of the new Pearl Jam disc

Ok, I got an advanced copy of the new Pearl Jam disc that comes out on May 2nd. After an advanced listen... here is the scoop.

_______ are back! With their new release, the band brings some focus and a classic touch to their 2004 release. Says lead singer "With this album, we really wanted to get back to our roots. We have learned so much, and there is all this great technology. In the end though, it has to come back to great music... and that is what we do best. We decided to produce the album ourselves." The disc starts out with an incendiary piece that isn't too far off from their 'Fire Dog' glory days. Track two was the first single released on the album last fall, and has brought a lot of the fans back into the fold". Fan 1 said "It's just how I remember them, what a great sound. You sure this isn't a bootleg from 10 years ago? I thought the band broke up." Lead singer says "I know it may feel that way for the fans, but we never left". Drummer Zach said about the new disc "dude, it's fuckin' rocking. Seriously, I mean... fuckin' totally smokin'" (alright, I got off task on that last line, reader. But admit it, drummers are by and large retards). Track 8 is a rocker straight from bassist _________. This marks a departure from the classic writing team of singer _________ and guitarist_________. Says lead singer "We really wanted this to be from the whole band... for the fans." Track 10 is as beautiful and melodic as anything you remember from album 2. "We wanted to move forward, artistically, and still not lose touch with who we were... who we are!"

______ is rehearsing now and expect to launch a full scale summer tour. With the hugely publicized lawsuit finally behind them... lead singer says "I can't wait to get back out and connect with the audience. So much has changed for all of us over the years... but our relationship with them remains the same. To us, the audience is really the 5 member of the band." We asked lead singer how he felt about the recent resurgence in illegal downloading, but band publicist Nigel Nikelconter politely demurred form the question and spirited off lead singer to rehearsals.

* ok, I know that was a goof. I am Pearl Jam's #1 fan with 9 years in the Ten Club. That being said, it has been driving me crazy hearing the press say 'Pearl Jam's triumphant return'. Also, if I hear one more band say 'we are getting back to our roots on this record' I will kill someone... you probably. I have already ordered the new disc and will probably have a review up around early June. That will give me a few weeks to digest it. If you order the disc from the band, by the way, they are giving away a free live CD from very early in their career (when they were an opening band). Details here.


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