Tonight - I answer my critics

You may have read a brief throw away piece I did a couple of months ago about the Sex Pistols, and how much I want John Lydon to go away. Anyhow, I got this response today... and I think you should hear it yourself:

Anonymous said...

dude are you fucking retarded you obviously don't know what real music is if you think the pistols don't deserve to be in the hall. For the sake of losing your energy typing i highly suggest you quit typing up album reviews!

Huzzah to you for saving the good name of England's great talent. Now, I gave him his piece, and that is the entirety of his retort. That being said, may I begin mine?

Dude, you are a fucking retard. Also, I know you aren't a true Sex Pistol's fan because you seem able to sit upright and barely function with a keyboard. I can't imagine anything near Simian classification is truly a sex pistols fan.

To you, this band was about attitude and spirit, wasn't it? Problem is, you would be wrong. They are the most talentless pieces of drug addled shit since my neighbor's kid starting practicing in the garage next door. Johnny Lydon never gave a shit about anyone besides himself. You may ask "so then how is he any different from other rock stars... like Axl Rose?" I tell this: Because Guns are talented and with ability to create art.  Yes, Axl may be the worst person in rock since Johnny Rotten, but they made great great music.  Ergo... they get a pass in the judgement department. I now understand that Sex Pistols songs will be used to sell clothes for high end English department stores.... true story. How punk is that, Lydon? You are a sellout and so is every listener you have.

If you do even cursory research on the Pistols, you would know the manager put them together almost exclusively as a marketing gimmick.  The original bass player was fired because he could play bass.  True story!

Remember: this is a band that released one album and got famous only for cussing on the BBC live. Oh, and their talentless bass player killed Courtney Love and then himself.

That being said, Johnny Lydon does get some seriously ballsy points and a dash of respect from me for telling the Rock & Roll hall of fame to fuck off. That was indeed profoundly punk rock of him.


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