teenagers are having sex, is music to blame?

A study was just released on CNN from what I assume is the 'No Doy Funding Foundation' notes that teens who listen to sexy music tend to have sex. Read it here. This is obviously a concern. I mean, are you telling me that teenagers are all of the sudden horny? That is some serious reporting, Scoop Jackson. You know what music I listened to when I was a teenager? Metallica and Bob Dylan. There are no less sexy types of music than those, and I was a teenage horndog.

I fact, I dare say that every single teenager on the planet right now is a walking horndog. No matter what music they listen, teenagers want to get laid. Now, here is where the story gets a little kinky... it was a phone survey! Yup, the called around the country to talk to teenagers about sex. When they do it, it's science. When I did it, they called it felony menacing and sexual predatory practices. I am not even allowed within 500 feet of Elementary schools, but these guys do it and they are geniuses.

Lemme tell you something else, if I caught some asshat talking about sex over the phone with my daughter... I would break his fuckin' legs. That would be the end of that study.


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