The thing I just can't forgive

I listen to a lot of music, and very rarely is character an issue for me. I mean, it is nice if a rock star is a good guy, but there aren't many. Dave Matthews seems like a decent guy, as does Paul Simon. By and large, though, most rock stars are assholes. That is ok, it is normal.

I mean, what kind of person would you really be if you were rich for the age of 20 on? Imagine if you never balanced a checkbook, had every car you wanted, never had to work for pussy, and was surrounded by people who did nothing but agree with you. You wouldn't keep your head about, you would be an asshole. I sure would. Oh yeah, one other thing... at every single intersection you got totally and completely screwed for everything you have done. You sold millions of albums and live in a barely furnished apartment. Imagine you play to thousands of people a night, and drive home in an '93 honda civic. Oh, and some company owns not just everything you have ever done, but everything you ever will do. I mean, look at Axl Rose. Is there a less likable person on the planet? Maybe not, but I could never stop listening to Guns & Roses. They could be the most important rock band of all time.

Did you know that the average band makes about 25 cents per CD sold? Did you know that out of that 25 cents they have to pay back all recording and advertising costs. You might think that maybe the other $14 charged for a CD goes to costs incurred by the band... but it does not. That is how you have the biggest stars in he world: Tom Petty, TLC, Billy Joel, Rod Steward, and others declaring bankruptcy.

So I understand rock stars being assholes, especially the talented ones. I can forgive that. I have heard stories of bands punching each other out minutes before stage time, then smiling for the crowd (think Motley Crue). So where do I draw the line? Scientology.

I just can't respect an artist who is a Scientologist. I mean, it is the biggest piece of nonsense on the planet. I can't listen to someone who actually believes that shit. Do you know the background story of Scientology? The Mythology is something about ancient evil aliens that were cast into the volcano and exploded into pods in the sky and that is why you have mother issues. I mean, it is dumber than LDS. Read more about it here. Another thing that troubles me is that Scientologists charge their flock a LOT to learn this stuff. It isn't free in their church. No, they pay thousands for these seminars.

Really, it is just a for profit tax write off racket that a no talent science fiction writer made up. He totally made the whole thing up, and not another person was ever able to corroborate a single piece of the story (just like the LDS folks). I'd like to think that if someone tapped into the entire mystery of the universe and was able to explain it all, that maybe someone else was there. Think about it, if your buddy called and said he just drank a six pack with the President, you would demand proof... right?

Now, I can see Lisa Marie Presley being a Scientologist, because she comes from pretty fucked up seed stock. But Beck? Why Beck, why? Every time I see him perform on TV, he is awesome. Did you see that SNL bit with the dinner table and the puppets? It was extremely cool, and one of the best performances in the history of SNL. Then, I remember he really believes that volcano aliens make him sad. Another one that be bummed me out... Jason Lee (of my name is Earl).

You know, since we are talking crazy... how is it that Prince isn't a Scientologist? I mean, would you be surprised? He could fill out the crazy trifecta with that.


Anonymous said…
How do you figure most rock stars are assholes? Thats just a stereotype. Some rock stars are assholes, no doubt, but a lot tend to get labeled assholes unfairly because they're scrutinized so much more IMO. Some are shy and it gets taken as arrogance. Some cant answer the stupid questions they get asked by idiot interviewers and get frustrated with it, and are then labeled "prima donnas" (a case in point: Bob Dylan).

A fair percentage of rock stars may be assholes, but dont forget about the rest of the general public. They're not exactly all a bunch of sweethearts either! ;-)
Anonymous said…
Oh yeah, Scientology is pure bullshit. I mean, it should be completely transparent to any half way intelligent person that its a racket. A lot of people with more money than brains out there I guess.

Here's what I'm tripping on: If you've solved the secrets of the universe, enlightenment etc, why the hell would you want something as superficial and materialistic as my money? You be giving it away for free out of compassion for mankind, surely.

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