an Appreciate of Slash

Slash's tattoo of slash

Why is Saul Hudson a rock god? Well, firstly because he had the good since to ditch the name 'Saul'. Seriously, a name like that is an impediment to the rockin'. Slash is a god to me because he wrote the best rock album in history, Appetite for Destruction. I am sure Izzy and Axl did some work, but the lion's share of Appetite is all Slash. How cool is that? What's better? Take a look at that pic above. Take a look at Slash's bicept. See that tattoo? That is a tattoo of fuckin' Slash. Slash has a fuckin' tattoo of Slash. Hot damn that is ballsy confidence.

I can't think of anyone else who could pull that off, and not look like a total ass. Maybe it's Saul's homage to the character he created. To quote Axl, from '88s Live at the Ritz
'half man, half beast. I'm not sure what it is but its weird and its pissed off and it calls itself Slash'
Do you know what was rated by guitar magazine to be the number one riff of all time? Not Sunshine of your Love, nor any Zeppelin. Nope. The greatest riff of all time is 'Sweet Child o' Mine'. So what happened to G$R? They replaced Slash with this dude.

I bet this dude probably has a tattoo of himself on his arm, too. They say that Buckethead will only speak through a puppet he keeps on his hand. I am totally serious about that.


Anonymous said…
that tattoos not of himself. its of one of his childhood friends mom with Nikki Sixx hair
Lono said…
Really? Then why would it say 'Slash'? Upon further examination of this photo of the tattoo in question:

the tattoo does seem to have quite a 'rack'. That may lend creedence to your theory. However, mine story is WAY better.

"Never let facts get in the way of a good story"
- Edward Bloom 'Big Fish'
Anonymous said…
I have a theory on the mystery tatoo... I read that Slash likes to design art, such as album covers or band related logos. So it could be that the tatoo design was drawn by him. Hence the signature "Slash" under the art work??

Seems like a possible explination?

Now if I could only do what he does with a guitar ;-)
Appreciate of Buckethead said…
Now I"m not downing Slash on his guitar/rock legend status but Buckethead is a guitar virtuoso. His style is unmatched not only in metal but also classical genres. Buckethead could reproduce any GnR song as well as slash.

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