Do you know who this man is?

Good looking fellow, eh? Kind of a nutjob, though. He is a strict carnivore (a meatitarian) and hasn't eaten a single vegetable for almost 50 years. He lives in Australia, because he is convinced the end of the world is coming and only the Australian outback is the only safe place on the planet. He makes jewerly for a living and sells it online. He is also convinced that global warming is a media construct.

Some other things about this guy, he invented live stereo recording, hippies, and the Grateful Dead logo. Give up? He is also known as 'Bear' and 'Alice D Millionaire". Need another clue? He sent his wares to London and what we got back from that was Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club. Possibly the most single influential person in the history of music since Beethoven.

That guy up there is Augustus Owlsley Stanley, the dude who invented recreational distribution of LSD. How did he manage to do all this? Well, remember that LSD wasn't illegal initially. It was discovered accidentally by a pharmacist working on an aspirin substitute. Owlsey liked the stuff and learned to synthesize it. He was the sole manufacturer of LSD in the Haight Community for all those years of the mid to late 60's. He produced millions of hits.

That was his side job, see. He was also the sound guy for the Grateful Dead. It was with them he pioneered concert recording, and was the first to use multitrack stereophonic feeds. As you imagined, the Dead played a lot of musical festivals. Backstage would be 30 or 40 amps from 15 different bands at every stop. Bear (Owsley) wanted an easy visual identifier on the side of each amp for quicker loading. Hence, the 'steal your face' was born. Stanley Owsley is alive and well, in Australia. It's ironic to me, dude looks like a 'square'... yet singlehandedly invented the subculture that came to identify what that even meant.

Check out his website.

There is something happening here, but you don't know what it is... do you, Mr Jones?


Anonymous said…
Hello! I love your blog, I have just blown an hour reading through lots of it. I would love to get audio files of Paul Somin and George Harrison's songs together. I have heard Homeward Bound and would like to hear Here Comes the Sun, but I can't find them anywhere. Would you, knowing all things music, know where I can find them? I would purchase them from anyone who has it. My email is
Bonfire Jones said…
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Bonfire Jones said…
Yes... I do know what's happening here!

However it's a secret & will be revealed in the near future.

Peace, Love & Onions!

Bonfire Jones

P.S. Post again soon as your blog is most intriguing.

11:11 AM
Bruce said…
Owsley "The Bear" Stanley is not a vegetarian. He's a MEATARIAN. Well, he also eats cheese, butter, and a few low-PUFA oils like coconut and macadamia oil. He also eats spices, but his diet is almost no carbs or fiber. He calls it Zero Carb.
Tipp said…
His name is Augustus Owsley Stanley III, or Owsley Stanley, not the other way around.

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