The Return of Robert Plant

Robert Plant is back in the news with his amazing folk record with Alison Kraus. All the reviews are giving it 5 stars, and I have no reason to argue. Also, Zeppelin is back and playing at least one show this month. There is talk of a Zeppelin tour, but Plant keeps nixing that. According to the tabloids, he can't hit the high notes anymore, and they have had to reconfigure the songs. That isn't what we are here to discuss. We are here to discuss the return of the King.

That, you may know, is a CS Lewis reference. There are about to be a lot more. You have heard of the book 'Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe'. This was the first book in a five book series called 'The Chronicles of Narnia'. You may know that the hero of the story is a lion called Aslan. Aslan totally kicks ass, and is a great archetype of the 'hero' figure that Joseph Campbell teaches us about.

Growing up, I read these books and loved them. I did not know they were Christian fundy propaganda. I didn't care, I just really enjoyed the storytelling. Still do. I later learned, as I picked up my literature degree, that Aslan represents Jesus. This explains the whole weird sacrifice and rebirth story from the first book. Ok, Aslan is Jesus... whatever.

Fast forward to modern day, Robert Plant emerges out of retirement... or whatever he has been doing. I see his publicity head shot and somethins strikes me immediately. Dude looks exactly like Aslan. Seriously, see for yourself.

I understand, this is heavy stuff. Is Robert Plant and Jesus one and the same. I am gonna go ahead and say yes. The man is a rock and roll god, there is simply no question to that. We have further evidence.

Do you know why Mother Teresa has not yet been made a saint? I will tell you, that is is the biblical truth. She has not been made a saint because she had to declare herself a saint before she died. She didn't do this, which is why they can't canonize her. Those are the rules, seriously.

That being said, let's head back to Steven Davis book 'Hammer of the Gods'. This book is the definitive study on Zeppelin, and it brought us the shark story. If you know Zeppelin as well as you pretended to in High School, you know the shark story. There is a scene in the book where the author is with Plant on a balcony over the sunset strip. Plant declares "I am a golden god." This is a photo taken at that exact moment in time.

It happened, and it was documented on that day. So, he meets that criteria. Also, Plant truly has been lionized. The movie "Almost Famous" features actor Jason Lee declaring those exact words on a roof at a pool party. This is no small homage to Plant, this is direct worship.


rgdaniel said…
Brilliant piece. But where does that leave Jimmy? Is he the future "Life of Brian" equivalent?
Lono said…

it is common knowledge that Page & Plant signed a deal with the devil for their success.

you will find him at the crossroads
jack said…
did you hear plant trying to do traditional country. better off goin to your local honky tonk. just sayin

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