Guns & Roses updates and silliness

Today, guitarist Robin Fink announced he was leaving Guns & Roses to tour with his old band, Nine Inch Nails. Axl said today he was "stunned". Really? Do you think maybe after fifteen years with no album or tour that a guitarist might need to pay rent or play guitar?

This move makes it obvious to me, despite all other signs to the contrary, that nothing is imminent in the Guns & Roses camp. Nothing. No album or tour soon. If something was coming, dude would have waited it out. So, Axl has no band. Axl's old band have no singer. I know what you are thinking, reform Guns & Roses. Why, to fatten Axl's bank account? No way. Dude has held the name hostage for fifteen years.

Know how long it has been? I had the last Gunners album on cassette. I'm not saying there weren't CDs back then, but I certainly didn't have any. So, here is my solution. Let Axl sing for Velvet Revolver. Slash writes all the songs, which is what he was doing in Guns. It is the only way to get an album out of these guys that wouldn't be all piano ballads (as the current Chinese Democracy is). You are welcome.


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