Spinal Tap is back!

Well, sort of. On many levels, Spinal Tap doesn't exist. Yet, though mostly fictional, they do have two albums and a movie out. They are recording the prequel is 'This is Spinal Tap', and going on tour this spring. Again, sort of.

They are touring, but not in character. See these guys? These are three incredibly good actors dressed up in character as Derek Smalls, Nigel Tufnel, and David St Hubbins.

In reality, they are Harry Shearer, Chris Guest, and Michael McKean. Though they are all SNL alums, that isn't where there fame is from. McKean (the blond on the far right) got famous in the 70s at 'Lenny' in Laverne and Shirley. Harry Shearer (upper left with the dope mustache) is about 5 Simpsons voices, and Chris Guest was in Princess Bride. These guys truly are Spinal Tap. The actors wrote the movie (much of it improvised by them on the spot), starred in it, wrote and performed the songs in the film.

That is an important designation. There are many real bands that don't write their own songs, or use studio musicians to record. So, in that sense Spinal Tap is as real as anyone. So, it is the 25th anniversary of the movie that started it all. To celebrate, the actors are touring this year. However, they aren't touring in character, and the Spinal Tap set will be done acoustic. So, here is them as themselves:

anyhow, it's all to surreal to explain... which is perfectly Tap'ish of everything. See, right now they are just finishing the recording of their debut album, which never really happened. The band explained that their first released CD 'This is Spinal Tap' was just live versions of the songs from the movies. The concern was, 25 years later, that the original studio versions of these songs don't exist. Well, they do now. Go here, it may explain more.

Oh, and it gets a little stranger too. These guys have done bunches of movies together: a mighty wind, waiting for guffman, a mighty wind, best in show, and for your consideration. It's all the same crew. What is weird is that these guys above are also fictitious folk band (the Folksman) who actually won a real life Oscar for best song in a film. Wrap you head around that. Anyhow, they are coming to your town to perform Tap and Mighty Wind material.


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