Amy Winehouse is 27

Amy Winehouse is 27. Do you know what that means? It means she is going to die! 27 is a very bad year for rock stars. Really bad. It is the age that gets them all. Who?

Jimi Hendrix
Janis Joplin
Jim Morrison
Kurt Cobain
Shannon Hoon
Bradley Nowell
Brian Jones
Robert Johnson

really, nothing good can happen here. I mean, look at the facts: young, talented, attractive, and over rated. She meets the qualifications. Good luck, Amy. Don't walk under any ladders this year.


Anonymous said…
Fuck Off. She actually surpasses each of the talents you mentioned. amy is history in the legend.
Lono said…
nope, sorry. She has one great record out. She hasn't released a record for five years. She will need a body of work to be one of the greats.

believe me, I am a huge fan. Back to Black is a masterpiece, there is no question. However, she is really only famous for being a car wreck of a human life. Like Layne Staley or Shannon Hoon... we are just waiting to find out she died. That is unfortunate. But, when that news comes out, people will be about as surprised as Ricky Martin coming out as gay.
Kelsey said…
Are you shocked that you were right?
Lono said…
shocked she is dead? super. Shocked I was right? Nope. I regard myself as a rock and roll anthropologist.. and every hallmark was there to see this coming.

I think the only mystery is how is Pete Doherty alive?

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