Your favorite back will get back together

update 04/25/2014.  See bottom
update on that update - 12.30.15 
re-updated 8.1.16

Long ago, I posited that every band would get back together, if they are alive.  Long ago.  I wrote that, specifically, about Pink Floyd.  Since then, the most acrimonious of break ups have re-united.  Pink Floyd got back together, so did Zeppelin.  Van Halen got back with Roth.

So, who is left?  Well, Oasis, but that is easy.  They are attention whores, and will be back together soon.  Tougher?  Stephen Page and Barenaked Ladies.  Will they?  Yes, without question.  Why?  Well, the same reasons all other bands get back together.  Both are not as good without the other.  Both bands are having less exposure, and selling less tickets.  This is common.  Ask Ratt, Motley, Maiden, or Anthrax... who all fired their lead singers... and then had to take them back.

Tougher level of degree > this one is, to me, the holy grail of potential reunions.  not Pink Floyd, or Led Zeppelin.  No.  Guns and Roses.  Will they get back together?  I think they have to.  None of them are doing  anything near what they were doing as a band.  I imagine they all became intolerable... we certainly know that Axl did.  However, now they are older (Axl just turned 50) so I assume they have melllowed  a bit.  Plus, there is literally billions of dollars on the table here.  I can't imagine Axl is rich anymore.

He took 15 years to release 'Chinese Democracy', and he refused to do press or tours for it.  So, that is 15 years he wasn't making any money.  Now, he is gigging again, but not making much.  Keep in mind, he isn’t likely getting much royalties from the Guns salad days.  He didn’t write the songs.  90% of the songs came from Slash and Izzy.  So, they are the ones getting royalty checks.  The new Guns shows aren't selling out... yet their costs remain fixed (roadies, union stuff, venue rental, transpo, security etc).  These costs are the same if you sell 1 ticket, or 18,000 (average amount of seats in venues they are playing, NBA arenas).

Plus, each smart local promoter has put fines in place if Axl goes on late.  Axl goes on late every show.  Generally, the new Guns and Roses do not go on until after midnight, and then play three hours.  So, let's say  it's a work night (odds are, it is)... the concert is over until 3 am, you get home at 4 am.  The opening band, see, is over by 9 pm.  So, it's 9 pm and beer sales have just stopped. You now have a 3 hour wait to see if they will show.

So... is there any band where the principles are alive that will not get back together in some fashion?  No.
your thoughts?

update 12.30.15

Once again, I was Correct.  Guns just announced they are getting back together for 2016.  this is BIG news.  I am SO excited.  Will I go see them?  Only if Axl works on singing.  He now can only sing in a creepy falsetto.
Who is left?  I guess it is Oasis and BNL.  Will they be back?  Yes, and yes.  For BNL, I am specifically talking about Steven Page coming back.  They need each other.

oh, and how about this?  Smashing Pumpkins with all the originals.  Can it happen?  It can, and it will.  Billy LOVES to say he isn't interested in nostalgia, everyone says that.  Don't be surprised if they turn up together to do like a 25 year reunion tour playing Siamese Dream in its entirety... or something like that.

Update 04/025/2014

Long ago, I wrote that ALL bands will get back together..  it’s just a fact.  No matter what happened, ALL bands will eventually bet back together.

That piece was mostly about me predicting Pink Floyd getting back together.  They did.  Since then, so did Nirvana and Hole

I then make a joke about Oasis getting back together.  I said that was super duper easy, as they are attention whores.  EASY.  I was Correct again.  They just announced they are getting back together for Glasto.  Btw, I can call it Glasto, I have been there.  You, however, have to call it Glastonbury.

OF COURSE it will happen.  Know how, they aren't crap without each other.

Liam Ghallagher's tweets spark Oasis reunion speculation.

Do you see how correct I am?  Cat Stevens took 40 years off and changed his name. Dude is back, and sounds awesome.

Steve Perry just surfaced after 20 years underground, and sang Journey songs… and KILLED it

SO… there are still the two great whales of reunions.  Led Zepp, and Guns.  Yes, I still think both will happen. *

The Zepp one, I thought, was easy.  They are spending the next year re-releasing every single thing they ever did.  No challenge, and they won’t even deny it.  - 

update, Robert Plant just denied it.  :(

In other news, at the heels of the new Zepp re-issues coming out, most assumed there would be a re-union.  And when I say ‘most’, I mean.  Like, everyone in the band is STILL waiting to reunite.  Plant isn’t having it, though.  Here is the subtext of that Rolling Stone article.  Plant is saying “I am really old now.  I am really rich.  I will never want for anything for the rest of my life.  Why the hell would I cram my 70 plus year old body into vans and buses and hotel rooms.  Plus, those guys are dicks”.

This feeling seems to be across the band.  That is natural, though.  When you spend every waking moment with 4 guys for 20 years, you get sick of each other.  Think being married is tough?  Imagine being married to 4 guys, and you aren’t getting laid by any of them.  And you all share the same bedroom and carpool into work together.  They all sit next to you at work, and take lunch and breaks when you do.

But Axl and Slash… can we get them together?  Eventually, positively.  Why?  Same premise.  They are not shit without each other.  Well, that was hyperbole.  Lemme put it this way.  Together, Axl and Slash make a musical 10 out of 10.  Apart, though, they are both 3s.

So, Zepp and Guns still remain the elusive exceptions to my rule.  Who will bow first.
August 2016

well, two more fell to the inevitable reunion.  Abba, famously, got back together for a single night event, but they were all there and they sand together. 

I also mentioned just 2 sentences above the G&R was the last big white whale.  By now you know it has happened... and is being billed brilliantly as the 'not in this lifetime tour'.

and the Pumpkins?  Yup.  Just hit the press yesterday.

I will say it again.  Barring death, every great band will get back together.  I know it seems like money, but I think it almost never is.  I think the draw is to be great again, to be worshipped again, and to re-live their youth.  Plus, these make a shit-ton of money as well.   So... who is left?  Not pun there, but of course the Who just re-re-re-reunited again recently as well.  Remember, they started breaking up back in 1982!


jme said…
Well... it didn't happen. Not for one night... not even for a couple of songs. The real question is... what was Axl doing the night of April 14, 2012? Maybe he was doing his taxes... or filing for bankruptcy?

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