I had an image of these rockstars... now it's ruined

I have always had an image of how it goes to be a rock star... what they are like 'in person'.  I assume most rock stars are assholes if you meet them... like athletes.  I mean, let's take Axl Rose.  We know he is a horrible person.  He has never pretended to be otherwise.  I almost respect him for that.  Almost.

I read a lot of rock star biographies.  I don't need to read a book to know, though, that Vince Neil is a narcissistic douche bag.  That is ok, though, because his job isn't to be nice.  It is to be a great rock star... and he is that.  We know he isn't the brains behind Crue.  That is entirely Nikki Sixx.  It is his band, on every level.  He writes the songs, handles the business, and controls the band.  I like Nikki.

I know at lot about rock, and rock stars.  I have devoted the entirety of my youth to studying rock.  Not just the music, but the culture of it... the business of it... etc.  I am very very very rarely wrong when it comes to how I have sussed an individual out. 

For a few select people, though, I was wrong. I am here to cop to it, unlike you cowards.

First guy - Ray LaMontagne. 

I love this guys music, a lot.  He is an old soul.  I somehow imagine he lived in a studio apartment in Nashvilly, crazed and ungroomed.  Maybe, he had voices in his head.  Maybe he was suicidal.  Who else could make such haunting and beatiful and perfect music?

Nope.  Dude is happy, well adjusted, married with kids and lives in a mansion.  He even dared to write a happy song "you are the best thing".  I mean, I am glad he isn't miserable, but he really ruined the image.

Second - Gene Simmons

Never in my entire life have I considered Gene Simmons a musician.  He is a show man, a business man, and hustler... and a star.  He is also a fame whore.  I have watched years of his 'Family Jewels' show, and have never ONCE seen him pick up an instrument.  As a musician myself, I almost always have a guitar or bass in my hands.  That is ok, though.  Gene never presented himself as anything different, which is why I respect him.

nope, I just saw him in Rolling Stone.  He is touring with a group of friends.  He had a bass, and looked happy, and wasn't even dressed like the dickwipe he usually is.  I could see from that one picture that he loves the game, the music, and comeraderie of band work.  Gene, I was wrong.

I am sure there are others, but not likely.


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