Beck's new album

Beck has released a new album, sort of.  I can't think of anyone in pop music who has ever done this.  His new album is being released as sheet music.  He isn't recording it, there is nothing to listen to.  You buy the sheet music and perform the music yourself.

So, let's get to it.  Is this a cop out, or brilliant?  I am far on the side of brilliant.  It is groundbreaking.  It is cool, and groundbreaking, and super fucking original.  The internet is full of people recording covers of famous songs.  Hell, even I put some shit up (but, mine is original).   But now, Beck can sit back and watch people interpret his songs.  This will be fun for all of us, but especially Beck.  As a musician, I know that there are many ways to interpret sheet music.  It can't convey feel, that is why orchestras use conductors.

Also, he saves about $300,000 in recording costs, as well.

So, will it sell?  No, not well.  I wouldn't buy it.  However, I am not a huge Beck fan.  Dude is a scientologist*, which super creeps me out.  He does make great music, for sure.  Dig this sad ass song from his divorce album.  This is so powerful and beautiful that if I had feelings I would be crying now.

Note, the spell check application just told me that 'scientologist' is not a word.  That is hilarious!

So, what's next?  How does he tour on this?  Does he do a set of classics and then hand out sheet music and leave?  I bet he performs the songs live.  However, he should wait a bit and let it soak.  Let's see what people come up with.

What is left to say?  Well, I have to admit some bias here.  Beck is cool, and I like Beck, even if he does love Xenu.  So, I am staunchly in Beck's camp.  If Sting were to do this exact same thing, I would probably declare it the most pompous and narcissistic move in the history of music.  Mostly because Sting is just impossibly pompous.  Have you seen his movie where we talks philosphy with a bunch of creepy beard strokers and then plays his imaginary lute thingy.

All hail Beck.  Also, If found this live clip of same song mentioned above.  Dig it!


jme said…
Beck with an acoustic guitar... I don't know if there's anything better. Hopefully... the people that cover his songs feel the same way.

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