Rock & Roll Celebrity Apprentice

I have hit a programming goldmine here.  Just go ahead and thank me now.  See, I watch Celeb Apprentice.  I am neither happy about it, nor proud of it.  I was talking with my buddy, who we'll call 'Jaime' for this piece (since that is his name) about who we wanted to see on that show.  Then it hit me - an all rock star edition.  Even better?  Pit fueding rock stars against each other.  Like this

Elton John               vs                everybody
Axl Rose                 vs                Slash
Steve Nicks             vs               Lindsay Buckingham
Don Henley             vs                Glen Frey
Nikki Six                 vs                Vince Neil
Dave Mustaine        vs               James Hetfield
Dave  Grohl            vs               Courtney Love
Ted Nugent             vs                everyone
Eddie Van Halen     vs                David Lee Roth
Eddie Van Halen     vs                Michael Anthony
Eddie Van Halen     vs                Sammy Hagar
James Taylor           vs               Carly Simon
Joe Walsh               vs               sobriety and reality

Obviously, this list could go on for a thousand years.  You would watch.  Music is the one thing everyone on Earth has in common.  This is good stuff, people.  Get me those eggheads from NBC on the line, stat!

You get the idea.  All these dudes who have talked shit forever, I want to see them compete in business.  Like Bret Michaels and Dee Snider, you would be surprised  how smart and capable many of them would be.  Nikki Six is another underestimated person. You know him as the drug addled freak show who does something in Motley Crue, but he isn't the singer.  Nikki is the brains behind Motley.  It is his band in absolutely every sense of the word.  He hires and fires, writes the songs, manages the band, and makes the big decisions.  Dude is a CEO.  Not like a CEO, he is a CEO.  Motley makes more money annually than most Fortune 500 companies... as do a lot of rock bands.


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