Paul is Dead

Paul McCartney is dead.  He has been dead for a LONG time.  He was killed in a car accident back in 1966.  His death, for financially obvious reasons, was covered up by the Royal Family, knowing what a public devastation it would be if the public knew.  Paul was then replaced by an actor, who is still portraying himself as Paul McCartney to this day. I know this sounds NUTS.

I have proof.

See how Paul (second from left) is bare foot?  That is proof the real Paul McCartney is dead.  Oh, sorry... you want sciency forensicky stuff?  How about this, mr. skeptico - John Lennon's white suit clearly identifies him as an undertaker.  Pretty spiffy for an arsonist ! The two pieces of information, when taken together, pretty much spell out the whole thing.

I know you don't believe me, and neither do I.  However, there are millions who do.

Apparently, that means something to people. Some folks believe that is empirical data that shows the real Paul McCartney is dead.  In 1966, he was replaced by a look a like. Here are the specifics.  On the evening of Nov 9th, 1966 Paul was involvedin a single car crash that was fatal.  The Crown had to act QUICK, needless to say.  So, by morning, he was replaced by Paul McCartney look alike William Campbell.

So, you are telling me in the space of about four hours in the middle of the night they not only found someone who looks and sounds exactly the same, but was actually a BETTER songwriter.  Did I just melt your brain?  I hope so, because this myth is still very much active today.  Just a few years ago some asshat released telephone recording that purport to be the late George Harrison spilling the beans on the whole thing.  This pissed me of for a number of reasons.  The first is, the dude doesn't even sound like George.  The second reason is, it was a coward move to wait until George was dead so he couldn't rebut this nonsense.  The good news is this film is on Netflix and is streaming free.

here is one guy explaining it:

  Now here we begin to get into real conspiracy territory. The picture below is a small photo found in the corner of the White Album poster, and also on the second to last page of the cd booklet.   

     The rumors go that this is a photo of Paul's supposed double soon after he underwent plastic surgery and shortly before appearing on the scene in late December of 1966. The man's name is supposed to be Billy Shepherd ex leader of the "Pepperpots" ("Billy Pepper and the Pepperpots" Band). So logically, if the rumors are correct, and this really is the face of a look-alike, it will be conclusive match for the face of the supposed lookalike from 1967's "Sgt. Pepper".
Let's examine this evidence, shall we?  Either: The Beatles and the entire British Govt worked tirelessly to achieve one of the greatest cover ups in history, and it was nearly almost derailed by a novelty picture loaded on the back of a record sleeve?  If any of this happened, would the band make jokes about it?

Now I want to talk about timelines, and here is what is interesting to me.  The Beatles were really good up to '66.  However, after 1966 is when they became the greatest band in history.  So, if you are telling me the guy who wrote the 'White Album', 'Sgt Peppers', 'Abbey Road', and 'Let it Be' is an imposter?  Well, then I will take imposter Paul over real Paul any day.

Real Paul wrote 'Paperback Writer', and fake Paul wrote 'Hey Jude'?  Real Paul wrote 'She Loves You' and fake Paul wrote 'Band on the Run'.  See, 'real Paul' was terrific.  He was great.  New, 'fake' Paul is the greatest songwriter in history.

So.. real Paul wrote 'hello goodbye' and fake Paul wrote 'Blackbird' and 'Let it Be'?

Here is one last thing that I love.  The Beatles were fully aware of this mythos going on.  So, they fed it.  The Beatles LOVED the story.  Free publicity! John Lennon left druggy references to encourage people to believe this nonsense.  Their sense of humor was incredible.  Paul recently titled one of his live DVDs 'Paul is aLive'.
If I were dead I'd be the last to know - Paul McCartney

* this is fun.  I wanted to do some more research on this.  I wanted to give it my full diligence it was due (roughly 30 minutes of my time) and so I found this site that proclaims to have the PROOF.    See for yourself.  The account is closed!  Great British Crown cover up?  Nope, the guy didn't pay is $7 pound annual renewal fee.


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