Joni Mitchell has become bitchy and mean and just unpleasant on every level


I can say that because I wrote one of the nicest and gushiest pieces ever… about her.  Joni is great.  Joni was a groundbreaker.  Joni was the muse of seemingly everyone in the 60’s.

Problem is that now… well… she is just a bitch difficult.  Let’s discuss, shall we?

Before we begin, let’s drop this quote – "There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.” – Madeleine Albright. I mention that not because it is wonderful and thoughtful... but it is also so Joni Mitchell sounding I am surprised it wasn't her.  30 year old Joni would have said that.

Hey Joni,  What do you think of young phemon Taylor Swift?

Ok, good talk.  Well, listen, we are going to honor you and your songs.  This will be a show where all these people bust their fucking asses to try and do some justice to your beautiful music.  Whaddya think about that?

I swear I SO wish I was taking this out of context.  Nope.  Not a ‘thanks’, or ‘wow, I am honored.  Normally, I am not into this sort of thing, but what a gesture.  Know what, she could have said “fuck you and your dog” and would have come off less heartless than ‘honor died in ww2’.  What does that even mean?  It is beyond ‘don’t bother’.  It’s not an ‘aw shucks, I’m not worthy’, either.

I have been seeing this stuff emerge over the last few years, but I just can’t take it anymore.  On the 50th anniversary of Bob Dylan’s recording career.  Sure, many people think Bob is over-rated.  I, however, am not one.  I am a BIG fan of Dylan.  So, not that he needs me in his corner, but I get defensive when people talk shit.  Plus, this is a time and event to honor him.  Anyhow, let’s get back to Joni.  Joni, any thoughts on Bob?

Then she went off to talk about his guitar playing, which she thinks sucked.  I bet you do, too.  You would both be wrong.  No, he didn’t play fiery solos.  Neither did she.  What Dylan great exceeded at was rythym playing.  I have been playing guitar for 25 years, and I still struggle to pick up a ton of his rythym styles.  To say he sucks is a lazy assessment.

Maybe it's not Joni.  I mean, Joni was the iconic flower girl, about which all beauty was written.  'something in the way she moves', 'our house', even 'going to California' is about her.  So, I guess I just expect more.  Maybe it's Axl Rose in drag.  It would explain the ungratefulness, and boorish attitude at the face of praise and love and thanks.

Admittedly, these did not come out of a single interview.  They are stenciled together by myself after one too many incredibly horrible and catty and ungrateful things finally drove me to snap.

Joni is older now, and surely maybe no more complainey than your grandparents.  I guess if she said these things in her living room, it wouldn’t be my business.  Now, though, whenever I hear these iconic songs, both by and about her, I am clouded by her grumpiness.  Again, same with Axl Rose.  To me, it becomes difficult to separate the two.

Historically, I have praised her crazy forthrightness.  My perspective on that has changed, though.


Dixie Elder said…
Joni Mitchell was NEVER easy to get along with. She could not get along with her parents. Her husband. She was furious with him for pushing her to adopt her baby (from another man) out. But then when she was reunited with her daughter, she ended up being estranged from her (due to Joni bossing her daughter around about how to raise her kids).
She has always been a loner. Not a hippy girl. A tough songwriter who has her own mind.
I don't like what she says about other people but that's her personality from Day One.
Anonymous said…
Couldn’t agree with you more, Joni Mitchell has become everything she stood against and wrote about or sang about. She has destroyed her voice, health and now her legacy with this bitter old bitch of an attitude. She is deluded with her own importance and artistic contributions. She was a sell out from the get go and her rabid fans will never see it. Joni loves Joni and she couldn’t give two shits about other female artists who contributed to the arts in their own way whether they were influenced by her or not. She has been placed on a pedestal for so long (especially by other musicians) as this standard of excellence to the point they cannot create their own music and pump themselves up with this “see I can play Joni Mitchell’s music so I must me as good as she” No sweets you are not, it just means you are emotionally controlled and incapable of striking a note of originality or baring your own soul as your idolized artist and others routinely do. Sadly there are several Joni fans who will put on the Purple jumpsuit, clean white tennis shoes and drink the Hemlock once there goddess kicks the bucket. Either that or a whole new dirth or Joni Mitchell cover or tribute acts will emerge. How original. not.
Anonymous said…
Joni Mitchell is an over hyped buck toothed smoking cunt!

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