Scott Weiland's Karmic debt paid!

A ha ha ha ha ha ha ahaaha hahahahah

Scott Weiland is a dick, and karma is a bitch.

Today, a video emerged of Weiland singing ‘Vasoline’ with his new band.  This is a great fucking song. Hear it here,proper. However, in this footage, he is out of it.  Stoned.  Gone.  That is not what makes me happy, though.  In fact, it makes me very sad.  He is a very serious drug addict, and he is going to kill himself.

What makes me happy is what I see in the clip.  Look at the ‘venue’.  This is a bar, best case scenario.  There isn’t even a stage.  They are on the ground, and had a little portable drum riser.  I know this set up well, I am in a bar band.  This is where the manager says ‘oh, I guess you can set up over there.  Just moved the tables and chairs out of the way’.  That is your 'stage'.

I wrote about this here, but a couple of years ago, STP was ready to tour.  The band was riding a resurgence since Weiland re-joined.  Weiland didn’t want to tour, though. * editor, link reference here

** Editor – editor?  There is no editor, asshole.  There is you, and I.  I am you, you are me.  Ergo, if you want a goddamn reference link, do it your goddamn self.

Weiland said he didn’t want to water down the brand, and saturate the market with STP.  Let it built, and make them beg for us back.  This is very sound business.  Problem is, what Weiland was actually doing… touring on STP material at that very second.  He had his band ‘Scott Weiland and the RoustaboutsDrugabouts Wildabouts?  (aw... who cares at this point) touring right then, and they were doing ONLY STP material.  I can only assume he didn’t want to share the money.  This also is quite common, and explains why Jimmy Page and Robert Plant didn’t take Jonesy out on that tour.  The rest of STP then promptly, and wisely, fired his ass , replaced him, and then sued his ass!  You have NO idea how often this happens.  Ask Crue, Foreigner, Journey, Maiden, Ratt, Van Halen... etc etc.

We can assume STP would make about $300,00 a night to play, by conservative estimates.  Weiland’s take, then, would have been about $25,000 a night (after costs are covered)… assuming they just split things 4 ways.  In the above clip, though, he is playing a bar with shitty sound.  This means the band was pulling down probably about $5,000 a night.  After covering costs and paying his band… maybe he makes $1,000.
You sure showed them, Scotty!

footnote - I kid because I care.  I love this band.  I was just a casual fan for a long time, and i got to see them live.  The ticket was free, so I figured why not.  The show was amazing.  Absolutely one of the best rock shows I have seen.


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