Thoughts on Bob Dylan’s Nobel Peace Prize

Hey all, sorry for the late response.  I thought I had posted something up about this. 

Full disclosure at the top of I this, I am nuts for Bob Dylan.  I want to say ‘early Bob Dylan’, but need clarify.  When I say  “early Bob Dylan”… that is not code for ‘acoustic only, before he sold out and went electric!’.   No, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the early electric stuff.  Not just ‘Blonde on Blonde (the first double album EVER)… but ‘Bringing it all back home’ was half electric. 

There was a simply GONZO two year period where Bob was just shitting out masterpieces at a near fatal rate.  Look at ‘Positively 4th st’, a masterpiece of a song… and possibly my favorite Dylan song.  That song didn’t even make the cut on an album release.
This is basically 1964 to 1966, he just went on a recording bender.

But I digressed.  A musician won a literature award.  Is that right?  Yes.  I feel I am also qualified to opine.  I am nuts about music, a musician, and I have a literature degree.  Why should a musician get a literature award?   Because his music and words impact me almost daily.  Think of the greatest book you ever read.  Maybe you re-read it.  Maybe you read it a bunch.  You don’t read it daily, though, do you?  I listen to Bob Dylan almost daily.  I am also much more likely to quote Dylan than any book I have read (maybe with the exception of Alice in Wonderland, the greatest book ever!)

If I am stuck on a desert island… would I rather have a great book, or a bunch of early Dylan?  Early Dylan.  Oh, and don’t say the book so you can start fires and build shelters.  Its an e book, you pyro!


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