Stop picking on Bono

Bono is overexposed.  He is a holier than thou.  He is an overbearing elitist out of touch narcissist.  I can’t stand him.  He should shut up and play his stupid overrated crap rock for other soulless crackers and honkeys.  Wait… to say that gives him too much credit.

Shut up.  You are wrong, and here is why.  First off, you aren’t bothered by his music.  You use that a defense for your jealousy.  Yes.  Bono is overexposed.  For a reason.  Yes, he is using his celebrity to save the world.  Does that make him an asshole?   NO.  Jesus, man.  He is literally using all his powers of celebrity and notoriety to make the world better.  That doesn’t make him a jerk.  Just like it doesn’t make Bill Gates a jerk, or Warren Buffet.  If the worst thing a guy does is do great and help people, he isn’t a narcissist.  He is a hero.

He is not the enemy.  You, sir, are the enemy.  See what I did there?  I could have called you an asshole, but I didn’t.  I took the high road, unlike you (ahole!).  It’s probably tough to take Bono seriously, and I get that. We aren’t used to rock stars NOT being douchebags.
Bill Gates walked away from a life of comfort being a zillionaire to spend his time in shithole countries.  HEY… don’t get to holy.  You know these are shithole countries.  Is he a  publicity whore?  Yeah, kinda.  Is he WAY overexposed?  Yeah, for sure.  Just remember, he spends his time and money making life better.  This guy should be in a 5 star hotel doing blow off hookers.  He ain't.  He's married to the same gal for 40 years, and spends his free time in miserable shithole countries, like Bill Gates.

Bill Gates is a hero and national treasure.  So is Bono.   Also, his talents aren't studio created.  Check out this scene, him and Edge jamming on a song.  NO re-shoots or production tricks.  No band, just an acoustic guitar and a voice.

If that didn't give you chills, you might be dead inside.

*** without telling you too much - one of those people above are me, and NEITHER of those people are Bono.  That last part wasn't discovered until a week later.


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