It's all in the Edge

I was watching the bonus DVD that came with the new U2 album on some releases. I borrowed it from a friend because the demons at Best Buy (Denver) opted not to carry it. Anyhow, it reminded me of something I realized last time I saw the band and hadn't thought about since; The Edge runs that band. The Edge (Dave Evans) is the one who writes the songs, melodies, and plays many of the instruments.

So, we all know that Bono is great and famous and really great. However, let's not forget out little friend Dave hiding on the right. What isn't known is that Edge is a really good singer. You wouldn't have known it from that 'numb' thing he did years ago, but if you watch the bonus DVD you'll see him singing the songs he wrote for Bono. I do not mean to take away from Bono, but the Edge is U2's real bandleader.

* oh, and there is one thing I must tell you U2 fans. The U2 iPod is a scam, basically. You pay $50 extra and get nothing. the iPod does not come with a single U2 song on it. Nope! It comes with a $50 coupon against the purchase of the entire U2 catalogue on iTunes. Oh, and the U2 catalogue on iTunes is $150. So, if you buy the U2 iPod you pay an extra $50 for the colors and then another $100 for all the U2 albums. Save yourself the trouble. Buy a regular iPod, and then go to Amazon and pick up hard copies of the whole collection for a good bit cheaper.


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