Norah Jones - a rare offer

A rare offer

Hey all, it is not often I do this... recommend a band. As you better know by now, I am a very serious music guy. I have made only one public recognition like this before, and it was for Norah Jones. Before I had this site, I remember hearing 'Don't know Why' on my local radio outlet and being amazed. I have a well trained jazz ear, especially for vocals... and I knew this old black chick had the skills. I sent out a mass e mail to all my friends saying 'this is your chance to be cool!' and told them to find this Norah Jones character and buy her disc. The next day I bought it myself, and it turned out she was neither old nor black. In fact, she was HOT! Anyhow, I was very very right and she won a zillion grammy's and is about the only artist in history (besides Paul Simon) to win Best New Artist and not disappear soon after.

So I have a new recommendation for you, and it comes ill informed. I don't have a record from these guys, not even a download. However, I saw them recently on SNL and just saw a video of theirs on TV. Lemme tell you, there are about 5 or 6 performances on SNL that cause me to sit down and shut up. Probably the most memorable and impressive was Radiohead a few years ago. Keane did that last weekend. When they played I just sat and watched and listened and was very impressed. I think I am suggesting their album, but I don't even know that they have one. If they don't, they will very soon.

Their image couldn't be better. They have no image, literally. There is no guitar or bass player, and the vocalist is this very talented fat ugly British kid. The music is piano driven and heartfelt. This is a great band, and I have never declared that here of a new band... so it should carry some weight.


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