Has Maynard Found God?

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Not likely, you tool. On April Fools Day, Kabir's legenday Tool site released their annual April Fools Joke. He has been doing this for several years, beginning with the bus crash rumour of about 1996. I have been following his site because it is the definitive Tool site, even Maynard defers to it.

Well, this year Kabir said he got a personal e mail from Maynard proclaiming he has found god. Classic Toolshed, and not remotely believable. Maynard has more disdain for organized religion than even me. In fact, on the Aenima tour... Maynard did several shows dressed as an evangelical preacher. The band is very spiritual, but very un-religious.

So no one thought much of Kabir's annual prank. However, I checked my e mail today and found that VH1 has proclaimed Maynard has found God. They state that the future of Tool and Perfect Circle is in question. Anyhow, I will stake my name on the fact that Maynard has not discovered god. However, knowing Maynard... he could carry this out for months. It was probably even his idea.


Anonymous said…
I also commented about this on my blog, Vintage Rock. That Maynard:) Anyway, just thought I'd let you know that its good to see other quality music blogs out there. I'll hope you'll drop by and visit mine: http://www.vintagerock.blogdrive.com

King Clam said…
The fact that you state that maynard is a "spiritual" person could bring in the question of weather or not he really has found god. of course it could just be a mental delusion through his "spirituality".
kabir said…
i was also a little surprised so many people fell for it ... but that's what makes the best april fools' days =)

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