White Stripes; Under Blackpool Lights

I just watched the new White Stripes DVD. It having been several years since they have released anything... I was jonesing. I wanted to write just to say how disappointed I was in the thing. First off, the sound quality is terrible... just terrible. Remember that time in college when you taught your dog to burp on command? That is how it sounds. My beef with this is I know the band sounds amazing live. I saw them back when they toured on Elephant and they tore the place up! I think that the Rush DVD has just ruined most rock DVDs for me. I expect amazing audio quality.

Second bummer for me was there was no little featurettes. Jack White is an interesting dude, without question. So, can't you give us a little 30 minute film following him around town one day?

Honestly, the band is amazing and so are their concerts. That is why I feel so let down and betrayed by this zapruder film quality. I shouldn't complain too much. I didn't buy it, I just netflixed it. In some very positive White Stripes news, the news disc is done and will be out in June. I believe it's called 'Satan get behind me'. Save the $20 you were going to spend on the DVD and wait for the new disc.


Anonymous said…
you have to set the audio to PCM stereo.. it defaults at 5.1 surround so it sounds like crap if you don't have a 5.1 system.

just go into the audio options.. viola. sounds good.

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