ode to Ween

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I have known about Ween forever. I haven't ever listened thoroughly, but have had Chocolate & Cheese (album art above) for years. Recently I got into a Ween kick, since I watched their 'Live in Chicago' DVD concert. Since then, I have acquired and been listening to also 'White Pepper' and 'Quebec' which has the most excellent rockin' song 'transdermal celebration' on it. What does that song mean? Clearly you have not been listening to Ween, because it doesn't seem to mean a damn thing. Maybe that it what makes Ween so great. Everything they sing is with great conviction... but means nothing.

The wonderful and insanely talented Ween brothers (who aren't related at all, and no one is named Ween in real life) handle every genre. Ween do Genre's that I am quite sure don't even exist. Let's look at some examples: Is there a happier melody than 'mister would you please help my pony'? Sure, the song is about a kid who finds his Pony dead in the driveway. Why does he have a pony? Why is it dead in the driveway behind the tree? Shouldn't it be in the pasture? All we know is 'I think it's his lungs'. What the fuck is that?

That, my friends, is the genius of all good Ween. Your homework is this, buy and listen to 'Chocolate and Cheese' at least 8 times. Then, come back and we will talk.


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