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John Prine

Hey all,

I am having a crisis of faith, of sorts. On some levels, everything I knew is wrong... yet on others I feel renewed. Here is the thing, I know that country music sucks. I know that dance music sucks. Both are horrible and have no place anywhere at anytime. With 33 years on earth, I was pretty sure of this. However, I have recently come into some AMAZING 'country' music. To me, it is solid folk... however my buddy Roy tells me that proper country is folk, not this faggy pretty boy shit you see on truck commercials.

Anyhow, these releases deserve their own seperate essays here. Plus, I have a very grave concern that I am in the beginnings of Carpal Tunnel... so I am severely limiting my writing to essential stuff. So go buy these:
John Prine: Sesssions at West 54th

Dwight Yoakum: (that is the name of the CD, not a web site)

Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson - VH1 Storytellers

Loretta Lynn - Van Lear Rose

Don't get me wrong, I ain't goin soft on country. It is still 90% bullshit. I can't stand the over production and the fake earnestnest. For example, I kept hearing how Gretchen Wilson was the new voice of country. I heard how her breakthrough track 'Redneck Girl' was re-invigorating country. Hot damn, so I downloaded it and give it a listen. What a piece of stereotypical dogshit. Anyhow, I wrote about it for you here... give it a good read. So, stick with rock... and stick with me.


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