Gretchen Wilson's Redneck Woman, a review'

I have been hearing about this song for too long. So, I finally went out and bought the single (er... burned it off Kazaa lite). Even NPR did a piece on her, about what a revolutionary rule breaker she was... and a breath of fresh air to country music bla bla bla.

Sorry, I found it terrible. It is a populist piece of country formula. This track is bound for a Ford truck commercial, at best. I would hardly call this a breakthrough. Someone recently compared it to the absolutely amazing 'Van Lear Rose' by Loretta Lynn. Big mistake, and if I find that person I am going to call him a name and run!

the lyrics: not rulebreaking. Instead, they play on a precious stereotype of what 'regular folk' she is. Wow, she uses words like y'all and ain't - what a rulebreaker! To say these lyrics are trite would be demeaning to the entire catalogue of Bon Jovi. To me, this song defines why country music sucks so bad. I'd quote some lyrics for you, but it would be a precious waste of letters and spaces.

Jeesh, I put my good name out there as a renegade music pirate for this? Ms. Wilson owes me back three minutes of my life. I've got to be at work in the morning, but y'all have made me so I had to rebutt this silliness post haste*.

* I learned that phrase from Monty Burns, and am trying to use it in conversation. How did I do?


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