Rush - Feedback

So I just listened to Rush's recent disc of cover tunes, Feedback. Though this is a right of passage for many bands, I never would have expected this from Rush. Rush is known in the rock business as being super anal about everything. This is good, but restricting. We love Rush, Rush rocks! Rush was my second concert when I was like 12 years old. It was the Power Windows tour. My trusty resources tell me this was 1985. Anyhow, skip to the future. The CD starts off with an ass kickin' version of 'Summertime Blues'. As I'd hoped, they totally made the song their own and kicked out the jams. After that, the disc goes downhill successively with each song. The bulk of the disc screams 'contractual obligation' to me. They are phoning it in. I am going to add a new feature to my reviews - suggested retail price. The SRP means 'this is what you should have to pay, based on quality and length'. Even though this is an EP, my SRP is $6.


yukondanmcgrew said…
I liked the cover of the Who song The Seeker. It was very good live. I don't think they phoned it in, I just think they are used to much more complex compositions.
you are incorrect homie. rush suck balls. canadian hippie music for dudes with small testes and fat chicks that eat too much cookie dough. pansy rock is for schoolgirls.

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