Friday Fives

1. If you could form an all star band from today's musicians who would you pick?
Lindsay Buckingham and Joe Myers on guitar. Flea on bass. Jimmy Chamberlain on drums. Billy Corgan on vocals or guitar or piano or inspiration or major attitude problem

2. How about 25 years Ago?
Well, let's just say from the past. Stevie Ray Vaughn on acoustic, Cliff Burton on bass, Keith Moon on drums, and Bill Graham just to have around.

3. If you personally could replace any member of any band, who would that be?
I would have given Smashing Pumpkins a great bass player.

4. Who is the best Halloween band?

5. Who is the scariest musician?
With honorable mention to Neil Young, Donald Fagan, and Joe Walsh... I'd have to go with Mick Mars


nos4ah2003 said…
mick mars scary?, i think the man can frikkin' play. ive been a fan since 83', trust me, scary or not, the man has talent.
nik said…
Indeed a huge talent
Anonymous said…
show some respect... mick mars is not ugly and not to mention he is the most beautiful person i've ever heard of. he has loads of talent and he is a very inspirational person if you've ever looked into his bio. He is an amazing person and guitar player.

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