this Creed thing

I have this weird taste recently, Creed... and lot's of it. I don't understand it, and certainly can't intellectualize it. Of course, being the pompous ass that I am... I will try. I really like their music. Specifically there are a few songs which are just phenomenal terrific and great rock songs. Arms Wide Open, Higher, and My Sacrifice are the ones I can't stop digging.

It is funny because their music is so dangerously formulaic. Guitarist Marc Tremonti and Stapp one day must have heard Candlebox's 'Far Behind' and said "Yes, this is how we become rock stars". Frankly, no one does that sound better than Creed. Marc Tremonti is just a great rock guitar player. He mixes that pretty little intro piece which is awash in the kind of reverb that would make the Edge proud. Then, Stapp comes in with just a beautiful and powerful voice... but he comes in gently. At about 45 seconds into every single Creed song, the bottom drops out and it becomes a full metal power chord rock assault. Still, it works for me.

Here is another problem, Scott Stapp is a fucking tool. He embodies many great rock stereotypes, a dash of talent with a pound of ego. What's worse, maybe, is that he is some chistian nut job. That ain't so bad, though... certainly metal can benefit from positive lyrics.

Here is the best part, and this always seems to happen (reference Axl Rose here). Scott figured he was carrying the band and so broke them up so he could go solo and be properly appreciated as an 'artist'. Big mistake, Scotty. You aren't shit without guitarist Marc Tremonti. Without question, you are a terrific singer... so was Axl. Anyone seen him in the last 10 years? Nope, because without Slash writing his songs, Axl is just another asshole.

Anyhow, put aside all that politics and ego and crap. Put some Creed on, and turn it up loud... the music kicks ass.

One last thing, if you read here much you already know this: Creed will get back together eventually. Why? Because most bands are never as good alone as they were the sum of their parts. It will take a few years for Stapp to eat a shit sandwhich and beg to have the band back. Stapp has a new disc out now, but I can't bring myself to buy it for two reasons. Firstly, the reviews say it is syruppy drivel... which I believe. Secondly, I can't justify kicking this guy $15 as a reward for firing Tremonti. Bad move, Scotty.

* update 2.14.2006 - the rock bottomness of Stapp's bad judgement is getting closer each day. In Rolling Stone he admitted to drinking and rage problems, with more than one reference to suicide. Just this afternoon, it was reported Scotty was arrested for public drunkeness at LAX today. Your story is here. Quick, somebody page Courtney Love and Scott Weiland. Just because I want to get drunk with all of them. I bet they could tell some stories. Of course, they all do seem a bit ragey.


Anonymous said…
Creed sucks. -Eric
Anonymous said…
according to tremonti, marshall, and phillips, creed will never get back together and it was their decision to end creed. besides, they seem much happier for the long run with alter bridge even if they're never as big as creed.
Lono said…
actually, you are wrong. History indicates that every band will get back together... barring death.

Happiness has nothing to do with it. It is about money and adoration and self gratification. Scott Stapp is an epic tool, and has probably already blown his Creed money.

If someone wags a couple of million in your face, you'll do anything. Look at Motley Crue. I saw them in Nebraska and talked to the roadies before the show. each member of the band travels in seperate buses and stays in different hotels (or different states). They hate each other.

However, for millions of dollars a year... they befriend each other on stage for 90 minutes. For that kinda money, I'd pretend to be Republican for 90 minutes a night.
Anonymous said…
ok,for one,yes they better get back together because this new singer they have sounds like he has a dick up his ass and for two scott wrote the songs not mark but mark played the creeds first ever interview mark even said scott was the best song writter.they wont make it without each other period so they both need to quit being titty babies and get back to what they know best which is creed music not alter(pussy)bridge and i wanna be alone scott.

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