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ok, info has been circulating quite furiously since Christmas regarding the Pumpkins (the most influential band to me) re-uniting. You may remember last summer (2005) Billy put out a full page ad asking to re-unite the Smashing Pumpkins in the Chicago press. Why? Why would he do that and not just call them? Well, they probably hate him since he had been posting scathing (but honest) critiques of his bandmates on his online diary in

Or, was it just a huge publicity hoax for his new album (which came out exactly that day). I am ready to reveal the answers. I say this because I think I know him... at least I know him better than you do, so shut up! I am about positive that he has already re-united the Pumpkins and they are probably recording right now. What makes all of this even more salacious is we don't know the line up. Drummer Jimmy Chamberlain is in for sure. We know this because:
1. He and Billy remain very close friends
2. He is an extraordinary drummer. There is simply no replacement for him.
3. He has publicly committed to the project already
4. He is a drummer, what the hell else does he have going on in his life?

So, who else? Darcy on bass, or Mellisa Auf De Maur (who joined the band briefly after Darcy quit/was fired. I bet Darcy. Though she wasn't a terrific bass player... she is a true part of the heart of the band. Oh, and what is she doing? Last the world heard from her was a crack bust years ago. What that means is she is probably dead broke about now. I saw Darcy a few feet away right before she left the band and she looked like death. Interestingly, though, is that Billy has remained close with Melissa Auf de Maur and is doing stuff for her new album.

So, what about Iha, my guess is no.

Iha contributed almost zero to the band musically. All he did was made ambient noizes on guitar. Plus, he actually has a job with the incredibly successful 'Perfect Circle'. I say 'increbibly successful' because the project was a one off side thing for Maynard from Tool to kill time. They have probably sold more tickets and albums than Tool. Go figure. Also, Billy was particularly brutal about Iha on his blog. I think he writes Darcy's problems off to drugs... but Iha is doesn't get spared. I have seen the band a lot, I can tell you Billy and James never once interacted on stage. Zero chemistry.

What adds to the fun of all this speculation is two things. One is if you go to you get the message above promising a new Pumpkins disc in April. I am not quite sure about that, but it spikes interest. Also, Billy logged onto his account on Christmas eve and said huge
The surprise I have in store for you all will be announced soon enough....hold on to your horses. Afterall, good things surely comes to those who wait....Don't you just love the suspense?

He hasn't logged on since.

It is coming, and I expect an accouncement any day. However, knowing Billy's flair for drama... I bet it might not be until Billy's birthday March 17th. Yes, there will be the Smashing Pumpkins again. Yes, they will be almost as great as they once were. Billy has matured as a songwriter (not counting that vile piece of crap called his solo album). The others will be happy to work and happier for a paycheck and some celebrity back.


Arizona Monkey Boy said…
I'll try to be as optimistic as I can possibly be for this part.
Wow!!! I've just spent the last 12 minutes staring at my computer screen.
The truth is I don't really have an opinion. Yes, I would love to see them...but not if it's only a piece of what it use to be. We both agree that his solo album sucked, and the last two SP albums were good/but not great. In the 90's the Pumpkins were to me musically what Jordan was to the NBA. That being said, I don't want to see the Pumpkins running around in a Washington Wizards uniform. Just like I didn't like watching Jordan (in a Wizards uniform) do a lay-up, when he use to be able to dunk (Bulls). Do you like my 90's/Chicago tie-in there? Oh well, if it happens I will buy their cd without even listening/previewing it first (Lou Reed and Robert DeNiro are the only other artists I can say that about). I will also see them tour, but it's hard for me to get excited about this. This isn't Game
6 of the Bulls/Suns Championship Series. This Is the Washington Wizards vs.
the Los Angeles Clippers...preseason.
Lono said…
Ok, update to a few things. First off, last week Melissa Auf De Mar told VH! news that 'the Pumpkins are definately on. Right now it is just Billy and Jimmy, but we all know that is all it takes to make a Pumpkins record" (her words, not mine). Also, she stated she has no idea if either Darcy or James Iha are in.

Also, the mysterious Billy has apparently been served with legal papers and so now says this "This site is in no way affiliated with William Patrick Corgan Jr or the Smashing Pumpkins. This site will go live March 1st.

So, I was on the right track, and no one knows for sure what the haps is. I can tell you with confidence that this WILL be the site for information. I am a SP news aggregate, basically. I can't much create my own news, but if anything goes down in Billy Corgan land... I will know.
Lono said…
news of today, though really no news at all. Billy turned up on Myspace very briefly. That tells me he is ready to make the announcement... whatever that is.

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