Cleaning out the weeds

Hey all,

I am doing some site cleanup over the next month. It will be mostly transparent to you, unless you read older pieces (which I encourage you to do). See, only recently was I gifted with the ability to add pictures and delete spam comments. The spam comments got insane. If you read my Siamese Dream piece from a couple of years ago, you will see there was 45 comments. 42 of them were spam, so I deleted them. Don't worry, I didn't edit the comments to make myself look favorable. In fact, the only person who took any effort to actually comment tells me what a dickhead I am.

Don't worry, I'll leave that stuff in. This is why you have to do the stupid word verification to leave a comment. Anyhow, I will be editing the site for content and clarity... but will leave my editorials in tact. Thanks for reading, and leave some comments behind, so I know I am not sitting here typing entirely to myself.


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