Lez Zeppelin

Last night I headed downtown to catch Lez Zeppelin. No typo there, Lez Zeppelin. What is that, you say? Well, it is exactly what you think... an all girl Led Zeppelin cover band. Needless to say, I am a HUGE fan of the Zep. I feel like Jimmy Page personally taught me to play guitar, because I learned everything from listening to the Zeppelin albums. Somehow, I have developed this weird fetish with Zeppelin related bands. Back in college, I got to see the most excellent Dread Zeppelin. Again, they are what you think they are. A few years ago I picked up this CD 'Stairways to Heaven'. It is a mix of bands covering the song in various genres. It is too strange to even explain a Doors soundalike group covering Stairway, but rewarding.

So, perhaps that imforms why I am there. The venue was at Deadhead friendly Quixote's True Blue in downtown Denver. This is really more a bar than a concert venue, which is cool. There is no separation between the artists and the fans, so I was just a few feet away from the show. In attendance were probably about 200 hundred.

I expected a competent cover band, but I was deeply wrong. The gals came out and killed! They were amazing; powerful, loud, heavy! I couldn't believe four people could make such a racket, let alone four girls. The whole room shook when the opened with 'Immigrant song'. They spent the next 90 minutes or so tearing through an impressively diverse selection of Zep classics. We got the entire range of the Zeppelin catalogue, from early blues 'Since I been lovin' you' through sit down acoustic goodies like 'That's the way' (with madoliny goodness). The drummer wailed through a Moby Dick that just kept whole place shaking, and the guitarist even did a bow jam for 'Dazed and Confused'.

It was quite puzzling how really accurate they were. I have seen Jimmy Page play, and few on earth can compare. Their guitar player can compare, and I fully understand the weight behind a comment like that. I honestly felt how it must have been to see Zeppelin in a bar. Not the biggest band in the world seventies era Zeppelin, but the late 60's blues era Zep. It was that good. They have an album coming out that was recorded at Electric Lady studios (the gals are from New York) and engineered by Eddie Kramer. Yeah, that Eddie Kramer.

Another excellent component was that these girls were sexy. I am double smitten by the guitarist for being 1) hot and 2) able to play guitar like that.

If you know the Zep, you know there was a great deal of eroticism in their lives shows and blues music. To me, Robert Plant was the first and greatest 'cock rocker' of them all (later to be held by David Lee Roth and others). So, to hear these dirty suggestive lines being sung by her... well that adds another dimension to it.

So, you haven't heard of them yet... you will. This is a fantastic band who is both capable and respectful of the Zeppelin catalogue, and in no way a novelty act (like Dread Zeppelin). Like you, they are on Myspace too. Go on it, say hello, and wait for them to come to your town.


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