Amy Winehouse

I know I am a year or two late, but this fall I recently discovered Amy Winehouse. I heard her song 'back to black' and thought I was hearing some classic 50s black soul music. Then, I saw the radio was on a Clear Channel station... so I knew it wasn't too old. The idea of classic rock for these folks is Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews constitutes 'oldies'.

Anyhow, I did some digging and found out the song was done by this tiny crazy wasted limey chick.... White limey chick. I saw the videos and frankly still didn't believe it. That is, until I found this clip on Youtube of her belting out the new classic 'rehab' live on the radio with virtually no accompaniment. It is pretty cool, and speaks to her raw talent. So... enjoy!

btw, she doesn't look very good these days. Though she should be celebrating the biggest time of her life, she is on more dead pool lists than Britteny Spears and Fidel Castro. Seems her hubby is in jail for something, and she has totally lost it.
That photo on the left was taken this week (late January 2008) and the other one was just a year ago.


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