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Holy shit. This song has overtaken my life. You put it on that mix, and I listen to it over and over again. This is really good songwriting. I mean, we knew Beck was clever and fun. We knew he could quasi rap sing dance whatever. He is a talented guy, we got. This song changes everything, though. This astonishment and passion for this song reminds me of the first time I heard G&Rs 'Patience'. We all knew Appetite word for word, and every song was on MTV. You couldn't miss it. Lies came out, but I didn't have it yet. I remember the very second I heard Axl sing 'Patience'. We were in Dave's piece of crap white toyota pick up truck. He popped the cassette in and I simply didn't believe him. What a really good song patience is. What a really great song 'Lost Cause' is.

Now, I don't have the album, but I am super aware of music. That being said, I know this is off 'Sea Change'. I know that this was a big breakthrough with beautiful music. I know he took shit for it. Most importantly, I know it is about his divorce. Weird, Beck being married. He doesn't seem like a real person... just this great zany rock character. Anyhow, it is significant it is a divorce album. The reason is because when I think of divorce albums I think of one of the absolute greatest... Dylan's 1974 masterpiece 'Blood on the Tracks'.

So, I am super close to buying this on iTunes. What I need to know is... is the whole album this good? Is it all this powerful? Is it all this acoustic? I don't need an album of Beck funk. I have 'Loser' and 'Where's it's At' on my iPod. that is all the Beck I need. Plus, dude is a Scientologist which freaks me out. So, I am hesitant to hand over my ten bucks unless the album is that good. So... thoughts?w

I am going to hop online and see if I can find the guitar chords for it. Lemme tell you, this would be an amazing campfire song if I could master it.

James replies >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Yo Lono-

First off...YES...Sea Change is that good...and all acoustic...definitely one of the best albums I've listened to in the last 10 years (Actually, I think this cd is about 5 years old now and he has even put out 2 studio albums since then). Anyway, in my opinion...this cd holds up and it is his best cd. A couple other G-R-E-A-T songs on the cd include: The Golden Age, It's All In Your Mind, Paper Tiger and Already Dead.

So YES...I am a Beck fan! In case you're not on board's a little more...

How would I describe Beck to the 30 something music generation out there? Well, if I were taking my SAT's, this is how would I answer the following question...5 cents is to a nickel as Beck is to A) James Dean B) Marlon Brando C) Paul Newman or D) Sean Penn. Well the answer is clearly D, Sean Penn. Why? Because Sean Penn is the best actor of "our" generation; therefore, making Beck the best musician of "our" generation!

Strong words? Maybe...maybe not

But who else can go from disco-dance, rap, jam, funk, and then completely unplug everything and still rock? Yes, Lono...I know...I know...Billy can! Two words for you...Future Embrace. When the Pumpkin-Man tried to "reinvent" himself he failed...miserably! When Beck did it...he succeeded...tremendously!

When Sean Penn went from Jeff Spicoli (Fast Times), to Henry Nash (Falcon and the Snowman), to Officer Danny McGavin (Colors), and to Bobby Cooper (U-turn)...he took me with him. Beck has done the same for me with his music.

Now...some could argue that Beck's music is a little too Spicoli-ish...and they'd be correct. But who doesn't love Jeff Spicoli? Not every movie (or cd) can be Mystic River or Dead Man Walking.

In conclusion, where does that leave Mr. Corgan and his influence on the 30-something music generation? Well (again) if I'm taking my SAT's and the question read...5 cents is to a Billy Corgan is to...(hhmmm...) I guess I'd have to say...Johnny Depp.


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