Axl apologizes

Dear America,

I wanted to clear things up, and apologize for a LOT. I want to thank you for making me rich and fulfilled beyond my wildest dreams. I want to say I have come off badly for the last… oh… say 25 years. I have been a dick. I am sorry that I fired the guys who wrote all the songs. I am sorry I then stole the band’s name and sat on it for 15 years doing nothing. I am sorry that, though everyone is alive, I have made no effort to give the fans the love of a full G&R re-union. I am sorry I have been badmouthing Slash for 20 years. It was petty and wrong of me. I felt intimidated, and I felt the band was slipping away from me. I also felt we stood to lose everything because of Slash’s drug use.

You can’t imagine the feeling of being in the biggest band in the world knowing every morning your guitarist could turn up dead. Those are his demons, though, not mine. Slash has long ago cleaned up. You know that I travel performing Guns and Roses songs live. You may also know so does everyone else in the band. In your city tonight, you could find my band, Slash’s band, and Duff’s band all within a mile of each other all doing Guns songs.

Why don’t I bury the hatchet, apologize, and tour with them? We could be rich AND loved. Why not? Because I am a narcissistic dickhole, with a MONSTER persecution complex. So, go fuck yourself. I hate Slash, I hate myself, and I hate you!

All my worst,


* I can't verify the veracity of the authorship of this.  In fact, I am about positive he has never uttered anything like this.  He needs to, though.  So, I have penned this free.  He just needs to read it and agree.


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