Scott Weiland is gone

It's late, and I was just heading to bed.  Got word Scott Weiland is dead.  So sad, but sadly not a surprise at all.  I think we are all just wondering how he made it past 27.  I am a BIG fan of STP.  Have seen them live, and my band covers two of their songs.
before I run off to bed, here are some writings I have done about him in the last couple of years.

This first one was my big piece, just trying to figure out what to do with him.  See, he told STP he didn't want to tour, and didn't want to saturate the market with STP songs.  While doing this, he was touring with his personal band doing only STP covers.  Of course, they fired his ass.

What to do with Weiland

He is, or was, a great talent.  He was also a terrific singer, and an even better rock star.  He was nuts... a dangerous wildcard. Sadly, he was also a colossal fuck up.  I mean, when Slash kicks you out of a band for doing too much drugs... you best take stock, man!

I got to see them (STP) live many, many years ago (20-ish).  I was a passing fan, at best.  My roomate had free tix to see them in Phx, though.  They rocked my world, and made me a big fan ever since.

You can, and will, youtube all you want... but here is my favorite STP song, in a big way. ***

Well, Scotty, good luck wherever you are, my friend.  enjoy the galoshes

side note, and something I haven't noticed until tonight... my god this guy photographs well!  I don't know if he always just got the camera, or if he was stupid handsome... but come on!

*** that video was a BIG bag of WTF... but the song is so good it doesn't make a difference.  I mean... go ahead and analyze that video.


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