Never say Never

Good news, your favorite band is getting back together... eventually. In my years and years of wasting valuable time and instead listening to rock and going to shows I have learned there are some inevitabilities. One is that, barring death, your favorite band will get back together eventually. Why? Not just because of money... but that helps. It is because they were never as good alone as they were together. They miss the adulation, the groupies, the drugs. I will look at two of the most signigicant rock fueds in the business. Roger Waters vs David Gilmour - a bitter bitter breakup that involved courts and lawsuits and all that stuff. Those two will get together and tour as Pink Floyd. When? I'd give it another couple of years.

Axl Rose vs everyone: How is that G&R are broken up when every single member is alive? I am going to say it here, and I am the only person to do it (so remember me). Guns and Roses will reunite with the proper line up. If nothing else, they will have to come together for the Rock & Roll hall of fame induction ceremony. This happens 25 years after a band releases their first album. For the Gunners, their first record was 'Live like a *^&$# suicide' in 1986. That makes them eligible (and a shoe-in) for 2011. Lemme tell you, that isn't as far off as it seems. Axl has been working on 'Chinese Democracy' for 10 years now.

An interesting side note - Velvet Revolver (which is the rest of Guns) debuted #1 this week. Also, Slash was asked if he would consider getting the old band back together and he said 'never'.


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