Before you buy the new Foo Fighters disc

know that the geniuses at RCA have made it unplayable on iPods. I bought the set yesterday and was stoked to move it to my iPod and start listening. I have total confidence it is a terrific album. However, the asshats at RCA figured some anti-piracy trick and made it so you can't load the discs into iTunes. Good move, geniuses, alienating about 10 million rock fans.

So, this space was meant to be me reviewing the new Foo disc... but I can't. I don't use CD players anymore and my iPod isn't good enough for these assholes. Let the record reflect, I don't blame this on the band nor do I cast aspersions on the album. It may be great. I may never know. This is what the manufacturers website said:

Can I transfer MediaMax digital audio files to my iPod?
Apple's proprietary technology doesn't support secure music formats other than their own, and therefore the secure music file formats on this disc can't be directly imported into iTunes or iPods.

Nice how they blame it on Apple. However, I have 600 other CDs that went into iTunes with no trouble at all. In fact, I have NEVER had a single Cd problem with iTunes until this disc. God, this is SO frustrating. I mean, the only possibly way I can hear MY new Cd is to download it off Kazaa. Good thinking, RCA.


Greg Smyth said…
The UK version works just fine...
Lono said…
I am still pissed about this, and never did get a good transfer to my iPod. I don't listen to the CD, and still roam the earth telling people not to buy it. I wish we could just boycott Sony, but that would be like trying to boycott air.

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