Billy Corgan on Letterman tonight: WTF?

Musically, Siamese Dream is north on my compass. All things lead up to it or away from it, and no things are near equal. I have been a very seriously devoted fan of Billy Corgan's work since I heard a cassette copy of 'Gish', the Smashing Pumpkins first album. Anyhow, there is no point in me gushing about the Pumpkins or Siamese Dream... I did that here.

Billy was on Letterman tonight promoting his disc which lands at your Best Buy tomorrow. Sorry, I hate to plug them... but if you are buying CDs anywhere else, you are an idiot. Anyhow, I have been spying on Billy's progress with the new disc through his Myspace account. He has been posting songs there, as well as chapters from his autobiography. I was under the assumption for the last few years that the solo disc would be an introspective acoustic outing.

It isn't. It is new wave electonic pop garbage. I hate to say this, because I worship Billy... but if this new disc is anyway identifiable with what he just played on Letterman, than kill me. Before the song was even over (it seemed like days, beca use the song went nowhere... it just droned on) I was thanking that he wasn't coming to Denver on this tour. That was $100 I could save until Billy gets over this phase.

So, if you love new wave electronica (think: flock of seagulls without the catchy melody) then this is your disc. I'll buy it regardless because Billy is the greatest. This is a detour, though.


Anonymous said…
Think that could give you some Search Engine popularity, and traffic???
Anonymous said…
billy is awesome!

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