Guns & Roses back together?

I won't be the one to start this rumor, since it isn't even a rumor yet. However, the original drummer from Guns has been blathering to anyone who will listen that he has been talking reunion talk with Axl. Normally, I would dismiss such things out of hands. However, this seems freakishly inevitable if we look carefully at the details. Firstly, remember I wrote a couple of years ago that all bands will get back together. I said it before the Police, Pink Floyd, both Van Halen reunions, Rage Against the Machine, and the Smashing Pumpkins got back together. I said it before it was cool. I will say it again, and I am rarely ever wrong about rock. Barring death, all successful bands will get back together.

Now, I will admit that Axl reconciling with a single human being seems tough. However, know this. Axl is in the bag for the most expensive album ever made... ever. The last numbers I heard were around 13 million spent, and that was two years ago. So, let's use a flat figure of 15 million. Know that all record company money is leant... never given. This means that Axl Rose personally has a 15 Million dollar marker from Geffen.

Axl has to make this money back for the company. It isn't an option, it has to happen. What makes the story of 'Chinese Democracy' being the most expensive is this: it doesn't exist yet. Right, small problem recouping the investment with nothing to sell. Now, in order to move all these discs there needs to be massive publicity. Massive. Honestly assume a minimum of 5 million bucks just doing press and videos. So, Axl is on the hook for 20 million now at the most conservative estimates. Can you make that back selling discs? Not really.

See, a super successful CD is one that sells over 100,000 in the first week. Very few records have succeeded in selling a million in the first week. Very few: Pearl Jam's second album, Garth Brooks live box set, and an In Sync album. I can guarantee you that Axl will not sell one million Cds in a week. I know because I have heard most of the album. It is good, but not great. So how do we move CDs if they aren't that great? You tour, and boy is that expensive. Especially when your lead singer has a habit of walking of the stage and starting riots. Imagine what it will cost to insure this tour.

Financially speaking, the only possibly way for Axl to create enough buzz and enough cash is to get the band back together. Everyone is alive, and they were the greatest rock band of their time without question. In fact, Appetite for Destruction holds up to me as the greatest rock album of all time. So, either Axl gets the band back together, or those CDs will need a list price of about $5,000 each. Lastly, the album is supposed to be out in two weeks. There isn't a word of press or a single out yet... so that date is pretty much impossible.

I understand that I am just wishing this into fruition. They are the only band I never go to see (because they walked out of every single Phoenix performance) until the Metallica show... which I had missed sadly. The other issue is that there is simply no other way for a band this important and a debt this huge and a wait this long to NOT end in a full band reunion... right?


Sebastian said…
oh ywH and PS axl is too much a drama queen, so dont count on a GNR reunion anytime least dont hold your breath for it.
Anonymous said…
i hope you are right...but remember what slash said in ``Vh1 Behind the music``documentary,that it is not possible not if they stick all lot of money in their face,unless there will be some respect between axl and the rest
Anonymous said…
fuck you you in significant little festering worm you honestly think your correct you think you know gnr you are getting second hand info and it will happen sone so fuck you
Lono said…
Wow. I mean... wow. That was out-fucking-standing comment work. Without dwelling on the grammar errors, let's look at your point. You note that
1. I thought I was correct
2. I think I know G$R
3. I am a festering worm
4. the re-union will happen regardless of what second hand info I have

Good stuff, all. Let's look at these point by point now. Firstly, yes... I do think I am correct. Seriously, my web site is

2. It is true, I do feel I know G$R. Certainly I could be wrong > in fact... that is the URL of my music only site

3. also true. I am a festering worm. True is true

4. this is where you lost me. I am arguing that in time the band will get back together for economic reasons. You too seem to be arguing the band will get back together.

So, there really isn't any argument here. I am a festering worm with delusions of granduer. Well told!
Gabi said…
I agree. If the demand is high they will reunite. Can you imagine! The mouth dropping news that they would get back together....I would buy tickets right now!
One thing that stands in their favor is that most of their fans are now 30+. We all have money to spend on a concert. (Plus younger fans and potential fans) And, if the band can come to a resolution and be civil they would please many fans that long to hear them together again (it would only benefit GNR)....
I my self was a teen when I first heard their music and to this day I play their songs to my children that have discovered them on guitar hero. Their biggest problem is that the GNR is a band full of talent! And, upon my assumption (cause I don't know first hand) there must have been a huge power struggle between all of them! (Not just Axl and Slash)… I just know that it’s a shame to see a band with so much talent - where all members are still alive, and still refuse to put their differences aside for the sake of great music. It’s a shame! But,…. if you pass the word and everyone places a positive comment on this site I’m sure that someone in the music industry will see the demand, and with some persuasion $$$,$$$,$$$ it can most defiantly happen. If you look back to most rock bands GNR was most defiantly one of the best! In my eyes they stand out the most... Maybe it’s because I’m a girl and I was in love with them (they were so hot)! Or, maybe its just I have great taste. However, we are all adults now and in need to see a GNR concert with original band members.... Lets Make it Happen… Post a comment!
Anonymous said…
brake up valvet revolver and go to

guns and roses and get ride of axel its simple they'le get back togher
Anonymous said…
yaya shure
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
check my profile send me an email and I will explain to you that guns and roses will get back togeather

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