Friday Fives - Metallica style

In honor of the new Metallica movie, "Some Kind of Monster"

1. What is your favorite Metallica song?

there are so many. I prefer older Metallica, the Cliff Burton years. Seek and Destroy, Four Horsemen, and Damage Inc would be my favorites.

2. Who Is your favorite Metallica bass player?

without question it is Cliff Burton
3. What song (live or album) has your favorite Metallica solo (guitar or otherwise)

every single Metallica solo is horrible. Kirk has no melody, he just plays as fast as he can. I have to say that 'Fade to Black' has some terrific guitar work in it though. Also, of course, Anathesia (Cliff's bass solo from Kill 'em All)

4. Which other band would you most compare Metallica to?

Well, I have heard Metallica called the 'Led Zeppelin' of our generation. That may be accurate.

5. Do you think Metallica betrayed their extremely loyal fans by speaking out against and suing the Nafta guy?

I mean sure, James and Lars had a famous fued with Perot about the whole free trade issue. Metallica's concern was fans would go south where guitar solos are pennies on the dollar. Regarding Napster (I think you meant napster)... that is a tough one. From a public relations stand point... it was horrible.

However, you have to respect the guys for standing up for their art and their living. At the time I was pissed off about it, but now it makes sense to me. Also, you said above 'extremely loyal fans'. Their extremely loyal fans are purchasing the CDs. Trust me, I have bought and paid for the first 5 of 6 Metallica albums many times over. Cassettes don't last long in the Phoenix sun. I must have replaced Master of Puppets four times. So, when I burn copies of Jason's cds, I regard them as back ups to the original cassettes that I bought.

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