The Ultimate Tribute

There are many milestones and benchmarks to success in the rock world. Your first platinum album sale, your first paternity suit, your first Red Rocks show, your first court case of influencing children to kill themselves… etc. But only the true greats have achieved this: a dedicated cover band. Neil Diamond has his (Super Diamond), Led Zeppelin (Dread Zeppelin), Grateful Dead (Dark Star Orchestra), U2 (the whole Negativland mess)… and now finally Metallica.

That is right, dig Beatallica man! It is an internet based rock group dedicated to performing Beatles songs through the eyes of Metallica. Let me tell you, as a pretty serious student of both bands, I have to say these guys are dead on. The singer has James Hetfield’s singing/ growling thing down pat. They are very anonymous, for obvious lawsuit concern reasons. Remember that Metallica doesn’t have a big sense of humor about these types of issues. Anyhow, hop over to their site and download some MP3s if you are a fan of either band, especially Metallica.

A couple of interesting side notes on Metallica's influence. Firstly, my microsoft spell check acknowledges Metallica as a proper noun. Secondly, last Friday night the Dead covered Metallica. Read that sentence again, because that is rock and roll history my friends.


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