Friday Fives

1. Every one has a song (most have multiple) that they wish they had written. What's yours?

Blackbird - a Paul McCartney song (Bealtes) from the White Album. the finger picking and melody is revolutionary for a simple acoustic piece, and the words are so restrained and beautiful and hopeful.

2. What is the best rock and roll movie ever made? Hint: there is only 1 correct answer here.

Spinal Tap! There is no question. Let me illustrate to you how important that movie is and was to me. Spinal Tap is the reason why I got a DVD player. Several years ago, Reiner released Spinal Tap on DVD with hours of extra goodies. That is why I got a DVD player.

3. Are you a young ass kickin' Elvis guy or a fat assed Vegas Elvis guy?

Wow, funny question. Clearly the young super hot sex Elvis really rocked. However, there is a morbid and terrible and mean part of me that is fascinated by one of the most talented rock stars in history dying on the shitter wasted on pills. It was SO avoidable. Come on people, dude couldn't speak or perform well or travel for about five years. Every single loser hanger on waiting for his free Cadillac could have stopped this trend. Elvis dying goes down as the second most easily avoidable rock death in history. The first most easily avoidable rock death was the Lynryd Skynrd plane crash... they ran out of gas.

4. What rocker do you most wished had retired before they started sucking?

If this were football I would say Jim McMahon. However, without question that goes to Bob Dylan. The man's early work is gospel to me. Everything 1960 to 1965 is pure genius. Then, everything happened to Dylan in 1965. In no order (but somehow very related), in 1965 he had a near fatal and life changing motorcycle accident. He found god. He grew a bread. He went electric. NONE of this served him well. I won't for a second say that Dylan should have died in that accident in 1965 so I could keep on worshipping him. I wouldn't dare though. Axl, on the other hand... I'd be way ok with him dying.
5. What rock song used in a T.V. commercial do you most wish hadn't been?

good question, because it is a very recent hotspot with me. The Weight from The Band. Just link back the that article, because it upsets me too much to talk about again.

* thanks to the great and benevolent 'Yukon Dan' for the input.


Roy said…
1. Born to Run. The song is pure genius. It not only tells a whole story, like a good ballad should, but it tells a story of a whole lifetime, encapsalated in the dream of rock and roll.
2. Sorry. Spinal Tap is good and all, but it seriously lags in parts and for moments at a time, it is really boring. The Best Rock and Roll Movie - The Blues Brothers. Blues/Rock and a great car chase. What is not to love.
3. Ass kicking Elvis. A great DVD to watch if you haven't seen it is the Elvis comback special in Las Vegas. Black leather Elvis singing it up on the stage. Great music and a great performance.
4. Probably Rod Stewart. Great in the 60s and 70s but his recent stuff sucks eggs.
5. This stuff used to bother me. But it doesn't anymore. If a songwriter sells his rights to make some fast easy money, more power to him. What are we to expect - not go commercial? They went commercial when they released an album on a major label. To not go commercial is to sit in the garage and play your music - fabulous, good, great music, but let no one hear it. Any thing else is going commercial and what we all want from rock and roll. So by complaining that a favorite song is now the background to a commercial is splitting hairs. As I understand the debate, it is okay for music to be played on the radio. No one complains if it is in a music soundtrack. But suddenly, on a commercial for a product is bad. I don't get it. Give me a break - and more power to the band for doing it. I dont' here you complaining about your precious U@ selling out to iPod.
Lono said…
what do you know about me? When I heard U2 singing for Apple... I died inside that day. I die a little inside every time I hear a Who song on CBS (there are currently 3 CBS shows whose songs are Who songs) - when the Zep sold out to Cadillac, when the Band sold 'The Weight' to Verizon (or whoever). Fuck you, buddy. You don't me, you don't know shit. If I ever meet you in an alley, and its dark, and you appear to be someone whose ass I might be able to kick... you are fucked!
Roy said…
Sounds good. But maybe, after the attempted ass kickin' we can go off for a beer.
Lono said…
that is kinda what I was thinking too.
yukondanmcgrew said…
I did not say I liked or disliked music being used to sell worthless shit to a consumer nation, I asked if there was a song that was and you wish hadn't been. Nobody likes a smart ass, Roy.
Lono said…
Yeah Roy, what happens when one of your sacred cows get slaughtered? how about if Nebraska was the soundtrack to Zoloft commercials? What happens when Rosalita is used to sell Pepto? Yeah, I said it... perfect product match up. Rosalita is a lot like the runs, it lasts forever and hurts my butthole.
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