Attention musicians - emergency notice

Warning, danger. I know that you have worked very very hard at your craft all your life. I know that you, too, hope to benefit from all that work with some rock and roll lovin. I know you are thinking a few years of being signed sound great. I know that at least of taste of the rock and roll excess life would be a hoot.

If you are a keyboard or piano player, though, your life is in danger. If anyone approaches you to join the Grateful Dead, you must run. I know what you are thinking, riches, babes, drugs, tour the world, unfettered access to hippie chicks with no morals and good drugs. Ah yes, it would seem like that. I write to you because it may be too late. They are most likely in the process of contacting you this minute. Do not even answer the phone.

You are probably thinking that the Dead have plenty of options for keyboardist, and didnt' they break up anyway? Wrong and wrong. The Dead have accidentally killed off every competent rock keyboardist in North America. Last week, the most recent keyboardist for the Grateful Dead killed himself. That makes for five dead keyboardists.

This is a picture of the great and insanely talented Brent Mydland, who was a suicide in the early 90's when I was heavy into the band. It was a big loss. Anyhow, look at that look in his eyes. That is what playing for the Grateful Dead will do to you, my friend.

You see the peril now, right? Also know that the band travels under various pseudonyms, and you should not play the keys for ANY of them. They include:


Other Ones

The Dead

Phil Lesh and Friends

Bob & Rob

If you want to be a degenerate muscian, switch over to drums like everyone else. Thank you.


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